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FS: HC-200B's, HC-300C, HC-300, 16 Channel AMP, Tuner w/XM, Dimmers


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Hi selling my C4 gear going in a different, more DIY system direction. Here's what I have, all devices are 2.0.6 unless noted. Prices listed or best offer!

4 - HC-200B $225 each

1 - AVM-TUN1-B w/XM $300

1 - SRC2-B $30

1 - 3U Rack Kit $20

1 - 4U Rack Kit $20

1 - HC-300C SOLD

1 - 16A2-B (SOLD)

1 - HC-300a version 1.7.4 (SOLD)

1 - SR250 (SOLD)

2 - C4-DIM1-Z Dimmers (white) (SOLD)

1 - 2U Rack Kit (SOLD)

I know this is my first post on here, but I've been following the forums and reading them for 2 years. You can check my eBay signin to see I'm a good seller/buyer. Like I said just wanting to change and have more of a DIY system that I can control more of. Switched to Z-Wave, Globalcache and Commandfusion.

eBay: http://myworld.ebay.com/scsujason/



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Much cheaper that's for sure. I've done every light in my house for 1/3 the cost it would have cost me doing C4. Some of the items that I haven't bought yet are the same such as the Kwikset locks, just Z-Wave instead of Zigbee. I just hated having to contact my dealer, states away and wait for programming changes to get fixed. I'd much rather do it myself. Not to mention I've owned an HDMI matrix switcher and would use that for DirecTV and XBMC, so the switching aspect/OSD of C4 was kind of a waste to me. Sent you a PM about the Amp.

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What are you looking to get for the amp and are the rack kits C4 rack ears and for what components?


Tried to shoot you an email Chris, but it bounced back to me. Shoot me an email at jclemens78@gmail.com

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