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HC-800 Zigbee multiple ZAP needed?


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I just upgraded and replaced a HC-500 / HC-1000 with a single HC-800 in my system. In the past, I used the HC-500 and two HC-300 together as ZAP. My house has about 120 Zigbee devices and is shaped in an L shape with the HC-800 in the center and the two HC-300's towards the end of the L shape. One HC300 is about 60ft away and the other about 30ft.

Woud it be recommended to use the HC-300 that is about 60ft away as a ZAP and possibly the other HC-300 also or can the HC-800 handle this load single handedly?

Thanks in advance!


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In my situation installing the 800 has been a horrible experience as far as zigbee performance.

My dealer has replaced the 800, installed a 300 as a ZAP, installed a CA zigbee extender and installed an external antenna on the 800 and I still get bad reception in my barn and the far part of the house.

I replaced a 1000/300 combo for the 800 and went from 2.1 to 2.2 at the same time and after that performance went downhill.

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Currently I have just the 800 running zigbee and the other 300's are just running the local AV equipment. Reception seems good so far and the system is a lot quicker then it use to be overall. Does anyone know how many nodes the HC-800 handle without adding additional ZAP? Thank you.

Tebery, I hope your dealer can solve your issue as that seems odd that your older combo of the HC-300 and HC-1000. Good luck.

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