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  1. Hello, Are the HC-800 of any use in a system that has an EA-5 serving audio and a few EA-1 outside of using them as a IO extender? Maybe use it to offload the zigbee server role? The only thing Im using it for now are the RS232 Below is a rough system outline 1. ~100 zigbee devices 2. C4 audio matrix switch 3. 5 non c4 amps4 serving 12 audio zones 4. 4 TVs 5. 10 cameras Thoughts and insights are always appreciated on any other uses to speed up the system etc. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you very much for your input. The next question is compared to the first gen C4 amps that I have, will these be a huge improvement... I have some Niles 7.3 and in ceiling speakers running off of the old control4 amp now. Thank you.
  3. Can these be plugged in directly from the Two digital coax outputs to the Mirage M-800 amps and it act as a control4 16 channel matrix switch and amp does with Volume control, Streaming from multiple sources simultaneously to diff rooms or together? A friends upgrading his setup and offered these up but I’m not sure if I need the Mirage streaming controller and if they work exactly like the C4 amp setup does. Thank you.
  4. Thanks guys. I’ll give it a go and test to see the difference in speed. I hope this upgrade’s worth getting rid of the touch screens and 2 speaker points. God I hate running wires in the house but so be it. I need my elevator music in my guest bathrooms during parties lol Lsst, should I use the 3 hc800 for zigbee Access points?
  5. Hello everyone, I was hoping to pick your knowledge on this. A quick overview of my system: 19 audio zones (older model C4 16 channel audio matrix switch ->two older C4 16 channel amplifiers, four non C4 multi zone amplifiers connected to the main HC-800 running composer and audio IO) 90~100 zigbee devices 3x HC-800 3x HC-300 that are being replaced with EA1 to 4TV's One using an HDMI splitter to 2 TVs 2x IO Extenders Powered Blinds in 8 rooms running off the extenders and random IO fro the HC300s /HC800s Usual fun programming for lights, motion sensors etc based on sunset sunrise etc etc Older Alarm panel to the main HC800. I use the motion sensors off of the alarm to trigger random events etc 4 or so iOS devices Jandy pool controller RS485 3x 260 remotes and probably add a Neo eventually 5x Infinity touch screens which I'll have to retire. Debating if its worth it to buy the T3s at all considering we all have our phones on us 24/7 these days... OK, so here is the question, If I use one HC800 for composer and audio from the EA3 into the matrix switch, will the HC800 be able to run the OS3 properly or will it bog down too much? Also, do the new EA controllers have faster Zigbee chipsets? Depending on that, should I use the HC800 or EA3/EA1 should I run as the zigbee controller? I use to use all 3 of the HC-800 as access points for the zigbee on the far points of the house as its shaped in a huge L (one controller on each end and one in the middle in the server rack). I was told by my dealer it would make the light switches more responsive over the older HC300s when i switched. Second, I was going to use the EA3 to input a few channels of audio to the C4 16 channel matrix switch though looking at it, I only see two digital audio out and a 3.5mm out so I'm not sure i can do this or should i use another HC800 to feed the audio matrix switch since I do have 3 of them laying around. Any and all feedback is appreciated.
  6. Is there anyway to use the built in thermistor and an external thermistor at the same time with one unit? I want to check the air temp and water temp without buying a second unit if possible. Thank you
  7. That was my thought at as well. My main complaint right now is how long the audio feeds takes to turn on. I have 6 outdoor audio zones and another 11 indoor audio zones (C4 matrix switch, two C4 16 channel amps and 4 commercial amps for the outdoor area for parties) and when running multiple audio feeds... its just sluggish. It sounds like the EA5 might just be wroth it just for streaming and running composer. Minus the cameras (I never got around to integrating mine) and your zoned HVAC, our systems sounds pretty similar. My security system is in theory being added into C4 at the end of the month... I can't wait to have access to all of those extra triggers as right now I've been limited to my C4 motion sensors. I love playing around with diff macros etc but none seem to load the system up at all. So, back on topic, how much did you see the audio improve?
  8. Hello everyone, I have a system with around ~110 zigbee devices, 5* 7" touch screens, some blinds, iAqualink pool controller, gate, garage, 4 thermostats, 4 TVs with one HC800 per TV. The scheduling is pretty minimal as is the load on the system so I do not have a dedicated controller... All of the HC800 are used on a TV as their OSD and the controller running composer is also in the rack with the amps so it does Audio streaming. To recap, the main HC800 runs composer, OSD for a TV, streams audio to the C4 and non C4 amps in the rack, Zigbee server, ZAP and the other 3 HC800 also act as a ZAP. My question here is... 1. Should I purchase a dedicated controller just to run Composer, Zigbee server, ZAP and and stream Audio and use the current HC800 only for each room and TV? 2. How much improvement in performance would I see 3. Which controller would you recommend as the main controller if I need one at all? (which services to run on which controllers) 4. Any pointers on changes I should make would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for all the questions guys and thanks in advance. Cheers,
  9. Hello, I'm currently running director and the latest c4 iOS app. As the title states, about one out of every 7-8 times I open the app it requests to be synchronized. It has been synchronized in the Windows app and this is getting a little annoying. Is this a know bug? I tried searching around but couldn't see any posts with my version of director software. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Dang it. I wonder if its an OS or hardware issue. Does anyone have any inclinations? Im half tempted to see if I can just clone the drive from one of my good units and put it on the solid state drive in the unit.
  11. Hello Everyone, I have a few HC-800 controllers and am having an issue with 1 of them. I cant get one controller to reset or be recognized by the Composer software. When I power it up the power icon blinks a few times, followed by Link that blinks for a few minutes etc like it normally should but when I go to reset it, normally holding down the reset button will cause the lights to blink (power, then link, data and finally wifi) and it resets. This unit though will go power, link and then get stuck there and never progress forward. Eventually it just goes to the power button only being solid (not connected to the ethernet switch, just power). To be sure, I reset another controller side by and and the reset works great on my other unit. Can anyone shed some light no this? Thank you.
  12. Hello, I have a failing hard drive on one of my older controllers. It still works but sometimes starts the death click I've heard many times over soon before they fail. Since this controller is used to control a TV and some lutron blinds, I really don't want to have to swap it with a HC-800 that has enough IO on it for the master bedroom. So here is my question, can I just grab a HD and clone it or does it need to be the exact same model and capacity for the hardware to recognize it. Basically, is there some hardware id protection scheme on this? Thank you.
  13. I checked the bindings and integrity of the keypads / keypad dimmers by reassigning them to different loads and the odd behavior went away so I took your advise and modified the scenes by changing the loads and playing with the scene. It looks like this fixed a couple of the scenes that were miss behaving but it looks like I'll have to delete a few others and recreate them that didn't respond to the fix. As our systems sound to be about the same size, this will take some time to check each scene but I guess I'll leave this till later tonight to make visually confirming the scenes quicker. Thank you very much for your input. It's greatly appreciated! Cheers,
  14. I guess that wasn't that clear. So, after upgrading, when I activate the scene "Lounge Day", Lounge Day is activated + my kitchen sink light (the kitchen sink light isn't tied to the scene and it use to not turn on prior to the update). When I look at any of my touch screens or iPhone app, the kitchen light shows as OFF, even though it is ON. If I activate Lounge OFF, the lounge lights turn OFF but the kitchen light stays on. The scene Lounge DAY has been checked and the load kitchen sink light is not a part of it. Another scene that has a similar behavior is the Foyer Lights. When activated Foyer lights +Courtyard lights is activated. All of the lights from Courtyard lights don't show as ON when I look in the iPhone app they are physically on. This is a bit of a weird issue. Any thoughts?
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