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AXXESS Zigbee products rule!


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Axxess makes some really cool devices that I've found really enhance the C4 experience! I came across them looking for a doorbell solution for a friends 1950's house. Apparently they weren't something that was a big deal back then. To complicate matters, homes here in south Florida are built of 8" concrete block! Running wires thru 11" thick walls is a lesson in frustration.

I was impressed by the design of their bell button and it's additional features: multi taps, temp sensor and two wired contact sensors!! Meaning, not only can it ring the bell but tell the outside temp and wether the door is closed and locked! They also make a zigbee chime relay if you don't want to use a Controller's relay.

They also make a contact sensor and a motion sensor! I decided to try one of each in my system:

- I mounted the motion sensor in the garage, it turns on the lights when I walk in but only if the light level is below a certain percentage thanks to it's light sensor. Now I never have to fumble around in the dark looking for the switch!

- The contact sensor I attached to my network closet door which is locked by a mag lock. Now C4, which controls the lock, knows wether the door is closed before energizing the magnet.

I decided to use another one of their Doorbell Buttons to control my garage door from inside the house. It's inconspicuously mounted inside the door and controls the opener via a Card Access relay. One tap to open, two to close. Best of all, 3 taps de-engergizes the security mag locks!

I couldn't be happier and their applications are only limited by my imagination :D


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