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The ?First Official DDNas "Review" thread.


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First up. I'm impressed. I've owned a couple of mickey mouse NAS boxes over the years, but nothing quite like this :P

I have a 12 Bay DDNas purchased from Diamond Design Ohio. I chose 2TB Hitachi Deskstar drives.

These are the drives James at DD has used with his NAS pretty much since it's inception.

Though I know he is trialling the new WD Red "consumer NAS" drives, I decided to get mine with the older (more tried and tested and faster) Hitachi Deskstar's.

One of the main reasons I went this path was speed (taking advice from a forum member running multidisc FreeNAS software RAID) and proven reliability.

The Red's are also certified for only 5Bay's..though James has pointed out this is probably just marketing BS. Still if they fail under warranty and you want to send them back, apparently WD will know how you have been running them..How? ...I have no idea... Big Brother alright!...Anyway no idea if this is true, but that is what I've read..

So moving onto the NAS.

It certainly has plenty of RAM and processing power to handle 12 disc ZFS Raid Z-2. So mine has been set up as a 10 disc with 2 disc "backup" failures before I'm potentially wiped. This is also where fast disc's matter. If you lose a disc, you want as quick a rebuild of your data as possible, before a second (and potential 3rd disc failure and therefore loss of data). With Z-2...I can lose 2 disc's during a rebuild and still be OK..

It came setup in a basic config for me with an SMB and Apple share. A control4 dealer login, admin, separate user and was ready to network out of the box with Control4. (James will set up to whatever config you like)

After a little stuffing around figuring which ethernet port to plug in (there are 3) 2 used for the DDNas GUI ..(you can link aggregate for faster speeds..though I'm yet to set this up) and one for browsing onto the motherboard GUI..-> I was backing up all my stuff in no time...

So far I've managed to backup my entire movie collection via smb mounts within OSX, and two Time capsule OSX backup's. I'm running 1.7.4 Lion. The initial Time capsule setup was a little flaky (I needed to run a terminal fix to stop sparsbundle "Error 10"...a trick I learned from a quick google of Synology..) Once underway, a 1 TB full OSX TC backup of a MAC pro happened in around 6 hours. Not bad, considering I was also backing up other files from a Dune at the same time! :)..... Streaming straight from a folder on the NAS to the C4 media library is a breeze. You just browse onto the folder using Composer HE once your dealer has loaded on the driver for you. This folder could be altered or moved and relinked easily by the end user.

This NAS is awesome. I have only just touched the surface of what it is capable of (it looks vaguely like FreeNas)..so additional info on what is capable can be obtained via the FreeNas wiki.. Though the specific Control4 side has been set up beautifully by DD. I know James has spent a fair bit of money doing this, but IMHO it is worth it! It is certainly uniquely a "DDNas" :) To this end, apparently you can Rsync it to his DD Media server, and do other cool stuff. I'm only scratching the surface so far here..

Anyway, there is really something freeky about a 17.9 TB (or whatever it is) single "share": all as a bunch of 12 HDD's linked together by software only.. :cool: That is software Raid 2... Look mum..No RAID card!

This is all expandable by just swapping in larger HDD's in the future, one by one. 3TB for sure...Or I see no reason why even the new 4TB Hitachi's couldn't be used (and hence a share double the size to say around 36TB), though I have yet to see proof or hear if this can be done.

For those that know how to mount smb and Apple shares within OSX , use timecapsule, and move files around using OSX, and web browse onto a GUI...this NAS is an easy extension to what you are already happily doing.

It certainly is a serious machine, with serious grunt...and for that you'd expect a bit of noise. This NAS needs to live in a dedicated server enviroment or Rack, out of earshot. No surprises here..

In summary, I'm 100% happy with my purchase. Congrat's to DD!

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[mention=123761]wappinghigh[/mention]  I used my dr strange skills to go back in time and find this post.  Moving forward... it seems like you made a good decision.

Sure. But how do you get it upgraded, firmware updated and serviced 15,000 km away? Or where is the manual? Lol. And where is the firmware change log etc. Simple Freenas for dummies and Why OSX timemachine now seems broken etc.  

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I might have to go back in time to find that answer...  good question

Thanks for the help.  

Yep I’m now only using it as a backup server.


That post is dated 2012. I try get as much ongoing use as I can from what at first appears to be “redundant” equipment...


It was original designed primarily as a Movie server as some will recall....



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