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Extending Mesh: CA relays vs sensors (with Ext Antenae)


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Sorry but I've been a little confused with the capabilities of the specific Card Access Mesh extender vs the Relay vs the Sensor. All three can come with external Antenna and be powered via mains (from a plug pack : transformer)

So can all three act as mesh extenders?

Can all three accept an external temperature thermistor wire?

Can all three feed both an internal and external temp into composer ?


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No, no and no.

extender and relay are mesh extenders - sensor can (could always?) do this if powered by external powersupply but they are not intended for it.

Only the sensor accepts an internal thermistor wire.

Therefore only the sensor can send both, albeit in a limited and roundabout way (ie you cannot for instance connect the CA temperature display driver to both).

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Well I wasn't certain anymore on the sensor - but note that there is now a SEPERATE zigbee extender from card access -supposedly with a slight improvement- as well as the relay.

The "official" CA Zigbee extender is NOT a relay. The CA relay still acts as a ZigBee extender however.

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