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Thermostat actual reading innacurate


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I have C4 thermostats in my house and in one room in particular, the temperature reading is way off (the actual temperature, not when it should kick on or off, aka the over under setting). I image I can either get a new thermostat or just hook up a remote sensor in that room to get a more accurate reading. Anyone have thoughts on this? If I go the remote sensor option, where do I get one? I didn't see this on the C4 site.


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Your dealer can adjust the temperature calibration +/- 18 degrees with Composer Pro. Use a known accurate thermometer and calibrate the t-stat against it.

I dont think it's always wrong. If left for a while, it's probably right. The house is a weekend house so for instance, I came and the room was left at 58 degrees. I raised it to 70 and 2 hours later, it registered 61 but was at least 78+ degrees in there.

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