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SR250 Red Green Blue Yellow (also TS 4 bottom buttons) Defaults?


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Any ideas for consistent room level use of the Red, Green, Blue, Yellow buttons on the SR250 remotes? And perhaps the buttons that can be programmed on the bottom of the touchscreens?

I haven't tested this, but I assume once you choose a source like DirecTV these function keys on the SR250 get overridden...although the Touchscreen ones would always be there...

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The color buttons get used two ways.

IF the source you have has the color buttons the driver can be set SEPERATELY to transfer these commands to the buttons (or any other device commands, say a smart tv shrtcut, 2d/3d etc). This follows the SOURCE only, but follows that source around the house. Note that the driver having the code is not enough - under system design these commands need to be "activated" source by source. The equivalent buttons on a TScreen interface are exactly the same as the buttons on a remote.

The other way is via programming.This is done under a room - ie "When room x receives command red"

Some notes:

-This will work regardless of source, and also regardless of if a source has it's own button mapping to the colors - in other words in your direct TV example, both the device button use AND the programming will happen.

-The usual IF statements can be used, so you could do a "IF current selected device is NOT direct TV" programming to bypass above limitation

-You'll have to program this seperately room by room.

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As for suggestions.

Red lights off, green lights on is in use across my house - lights per room. Especially nice in bedrooms. Programmed to occur only when room is off.

Blue turns on my kids' favorite TV channel during the day, late evening and middle of the night it goes to mine.

Yellow goes to the usual daytime radio channel during the day, at night it goes to the most commonly used (other) TV source (game system in living and theatre, Wife's favorite TV channel in bedrrom and kitchen, you get the idea).

Again the above mentioned "trick" is used to maintian seperated functionality for sources using the buttons themselves.

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