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South Towne Home Show- End of show Demo sale today- Control4 HC-800, C4 4-channel amp, Wirepath 9 channel DVR, 300 series cams, Binary B300 4x4 HD Matrix (Cat5/6 & hdmi), Huge discounts with full Warranty. Booth 2928 with Performance Builders.

Show only, no shipping. IM if interested.



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hahahaha! no they never response me at all :D ! i try to speak with someone i think a couples a week ago at control4 headquarters to ask a couple of question about my hc-250 but they just told me : if you are not a dealer i cannot help you.... cyknight help me with my hc-250 and tell me that my controler is on warranty until 2014 ... i just need to send it to my dealer and then he will send it to control4 . My dealer told me that c4 will charge me like 150 $ to check but it will be free to repair ... bizzare ! but its ok i dont loose some money so ...

I was in salt lake city for a week ;)
^Planning a trip to Utah' date=' ehh?[/quote']

Did you create all hell at C4 headquarters about your HC250 :)

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i purchase a hc-250 ( that was suposed to be brand new / nerver used ) on ebay and when i send it to my dealer he told me that he was bricked and he cant program it or open it with linux somethings ... so i post a new topics to see if anybody can help me or if there was somethings i can do about it .

^I don't know anything about your HC-250 problem but I personally won't be buying another one of those.
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