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Emails/Text Messages for Alarm


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Is there a way to have emails (or text messages) sent when my alarm goes off? Or when it is deactivated? Bit of a programming n00b.


I would post pictures but this web site will not let me post graphics or jpgs.

So - on the left find the room that your alarm/security system is in and in programming mode look on the left for

"When system is armed away..." or

"When system is armed in stay... or

"When system enters trouble mode"....

those options and choose the one that you want an email when it occurs.

Now look on the right side of your system and scroll down to the very end where the system variables are and look for email notification.

Tell it what you want to receive when this happens and then drag it over to the center or double click (how ever you usually add code.)



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OK, I think I have a remote access issue. I created the notification template and when I click the "Send Email" button in the Agent tab I have a dialog box that says "Unable to send email. Remote Access not connected."

But when I check Tools---->Account Services the "Enable Remote Access" is checked buy greyed out.

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I might be wrong but I think you need 4site for the email feature to work, someone please correct me if I'm wrong

I have 4site so I would not know. I think that you are correct - however - note the fellow that mentioned a free driver?


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