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Locking out Certain Functions when Alarm is on

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I have my garage door opener tied into a relay contact extender output. I also have my alarm system linked into the C4 system via a bridge.


What I would like to do is prevent the garage door from being opened while the alarm is active. So I want to set a conditional for the relay output. Would anyone know how to accomplish this in composer pro?


Thank you!


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Sorry seems it posted only half.


To block it from integrated home screens, using composer pro you'll need to disconnect the relay binding, and have a second relay added (just a generic.


Then program "when garage door is opened/closed" with the same programming, except that you open/close the 'generic relay' instead.


IGNORE THE ABOVE - see later post as to why.

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You know what - I'm just thinking this whole thing may not work, because the system propably won't register the garage door actually opening or closing as this is based on the SENSOR part of the driver, not the basic relay part.... The method below WILL work however.


This is how I normally do this sort of thing (because I can plan to have the right number of relays available). It requires you to have a SECOND relay available on a controller or elsewhere.


-As far as the system is concerend, leave everything wired as normal.

-Take the wire coming from the relay out (usually NO) and move it to a second relay (I recommend NC).

-Jumper a wire from relay 1 (NO) to relay 2 (COM)

-Add a generic relay to the system, bind to relay nr2

-Program on "When system is disarmed" to CLOSE the generic relay

-Program on "When system is armed to away" AND "...armed to stay" to OPEN the generic relay.

This essentially breaks the functionality of the C4 door control whenever the system is armed, returning it on disarm

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In addition, you could do something similar to the button opener in the garage.

Depending on the opener, you could even tie this into the beam sensor, breaking that path which in some cases will disable the garage door altogether.


Be sure however that this does not potentially cause situations where you a) lock yourself out or B) become a hazard such as blocking potential fire exits etc.

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