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I am happy to announce an official release of the Logger driver.


This driver enables you to log different variables and events triggered in your Control4 system.


Below is a short documentation that describes driver's functionality.

To set log messages use the following settings in driver's properties tab (always confirm every change by clicking "Set" button displayed on the right):Entry Index - message idCurrent Log Text - selected message id's text, which will be loggedSet Log Text - set a new text for selected message idCurrent Log Level - selected message id's log levelSet Log Level - set new log level for selected message idOther settings:Current File Name - currently used log file nameSet File Name - sets a new log file name (used only if Auto File Name mode is disabled)Auto File Name - if enabled, log files are created automatically and named using current date (each day a new log file will be created)Set Log Files Size Limit [MB] - sets a total amount of disk space that can be used for storing log filesLog Level - sets logging level - only messages with log level less or equal to this setting will be loggedLog Events - turns logging on/offDelete Log Files - deletes log filesDisk Space Protection - if enabled, log files will be updated/created only if log files size limit has not been reached.When log files size limit is exceeded and Disk Space Protection is enabled, 'Log Size Limit Reached' event will be fired(it can be used to eg. trigger 'Delete Log Files' command using programming section of Composer)Persist Log Messages - saves entered log messages in controller's persistant memory. Select this option after doing changes in log messagesUsing driver in Composer programming:To log an event:1. go to programming section of Composer2. choose an event in Programming section3. select Logger driver in Actions section4. select Device Specific Command5. select Log Event6. select Entry No. - message id to be logged7. press Enter to be sure that desired number is selected8. add action to ScriptTo log a variable:1. go to programming section of Composer2. choose an event in Programming section3. select Logger driver in Actions section4. press + button to show driver variables list5. set Variable Name value, add action to Script6. set desired Variable type's value (Number, Boolean or String), add action to Script7. select Logger driver in Actions section8. select Device Specific Command9. select Log Number/Boolean/String10. add action to ScriptWhere to find log files:Log files can be accessed using a web browser and navigating to an address that is provided in 'Log Files Path' field in Properties tab.This address can also be used to eg. create a mapped disk.Logs can also be read using 'Print Logs' option from Properties tab and switching to lua tab afterwards.

The driver (version 1.2) is located here: http://1drv.ms/1cM4hyv

Additional screens demonstrating the driver are located here: http://sdrv.ms/1dcJbZr


Driver is licensed per one project, you can use as many instances as you like in the project (eg. one for logging temperatures, another one for logging events).

For further information please contact me using this forums or mwizinfo@gmail.com

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I am very excited to see this update - I am very anxious to add this to my programming - it will be very helpful figuring out what is or is not occurring.


For example - you could have a variable called "LogLevel" and set it to "0". Then in your programming you could say:

(pseudo code follows)

If log level - 1 then Message to write to log here

on another item if log level = 2 then message to write to log here - 


All the way up to 100 - where 100 is the most verbose and writes tons of log messages - 


You could have your alarm messages coded to log level 1 and motion detector messages coded to log level 2 etc.

This would then let you write specific TYPES of messages to a log.


The new log file naming and changing and disk full capabilities are awesome!

This (in my opinion) is a GAME CHANGING driver for Control 4, and I cannot wait to exercise it to the fullest.


I will post some sample ideas when I have it installed and up and running.


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My Composer log file shows this:

**********Starting Composer Session***********
2014-01-11 19:02:49,250 [1   ] WARN  Control4.Client.ConfigInfo - The file 'C:\Program Files\Control4\Composer252\Drivers\Virtual\MWiz_Logger.c4i' has an improperly formated version tag. The driver will still be loaded but there may be problems with updating this driver until the problem is fixed.
**********Stopping Composer Session**********
Can you help me to get this fixed?
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Change the line that has "<version>1.2</version>" to "<version>12</version>"

Composer will only accept whole numbers in the version tag.

My version is 1.1 and it is protected. I cannot change it. Sorry to be so dense. But - where do I change this?



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Edit the xml in notepad then add back to your system

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OK - Here is what I did - 

1. removed the driver totally in Control 4

2. edited the C4i file and looked for version 1.1 (the version that I have)

3. edited that to be 11 instead of 1.1

4. copied the edited file into the Program Files\Control4\Drivers\Virtual directory

5. restarted Composer

6. found the driver

7. added the driver to the project

8. the driver STILL says 1.1 as the version.


What am I doing wrong?


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The "Driver Version" property that you see is not directly linked to the XML that you modified. If the error does not occur when starting Composer, I would consider the issue fixed, the driver will still function the same with or without a broken version tag.

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I have uploaded a new version of Logger driver - 1.2 - with the following fixes/changes:

- increased max. number of log messages that can be defined to 1000

- fixed error on Composer start

- selected event number is now visible in programming section of composer

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