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Deactivating Source control when it is in use


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Hi everyone


Is there anyway to prevent someone in one zone to control a source, if the source is already being used in another zone?


I am sure that someone has not only thought about it but also experience complications and frustrations it can create when a source (such as satellite receiver) is shared between 2 zones and each one wants to view different stations.


I know already how to track the sources in different zones. I am tracking the sources and if any source is selected and the source is already in use, there will be an announcement for that. However, I wander if there is a way to do the following:


If the video source is changed in one zone


  The video source = satellite


     Satellite is already in use in another room


 Announce that the source is being used and will be shared

>>>>>>>>SO FAR NO PROBLEM<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


  DEACTIVATE Remote for changing channel or control Satellite (This is the part I don't know how to do)



Thank you all in advance


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No. This is where central switching and one sat box named after each person shines.


I suppose you could do this actually.... you COULD disable control ALL the time (by simply not binding the source to an IR out). Then create a virtual device for each true source and program for if the source is NOT already in use to send commands via programming, for EACH individual possible code.....so no you can't.

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You could hack around it by creating a secondary bogus device and bind it to the same input. Then, set programming to automatically change the second room tuning in to the bogus source. Then they could still view it, they just couldn't control it.

Does that make sense?

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