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What is the "right" way use toggle scenes


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I am curious about the best way to assign toggle scenes to a keypad button.  Currently I am doing it with a program that looks like this.


If Scene Rec is inactive

  Activate Scene Rec


Activate Scen Rec (Toggle)


I then have a separate program on the scene to force the leds on the keypads I want to follow the state of the Rec scene.  


I feel like I'm missing something.  The scene in the advanced lighting agent has the ability to set led states based on the state of the scene but I'm not using it.  I'm thinking there is a better way using connections but I can't seem to get it to work.  Connections have the ability to assign advanced lighting scene Top/Bottom/Toggle.  Any thoughts?


As a side note, what do top and bottom button links for advanced lighting scenes mean?  Can this be interpreted as activate/deactivate/toggle instead of top/bottom/toggle?

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You need to bind the button directly to the scene toggle virtual button. Of course this is only available via ComposerPro at this time.

Done that way there is NO programming, and the button LED will follow the scene status automatically.

And yes that would be identical to real light top/bottom/toggle

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I have a similar issue,

I need to activate advanced scene, when turning on a dimmer/switch and I want to realize it trough binding in connection pane of ComposerPro. I created two advanced lighting scenes(scene and toggle_scene) with 4 ZigBee dimmers assigned. In connection pane dimmer1/BUTTON_LINK input connection is linked with scene but when dimmer1 button is pressed nothing happens. I can activate advanced scene with programming and via Activate Scene button in composerPro Agents pane but I want to realize that via binding, so what is a proper way to activate scene via binding ?

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That is exactly what I need. I added button_link connections to my light driver in driver editor.

These are button_link connections which I added to my driver:

 <connection>            <id>1</id>            <facing>0</facing>            <connectionname>btn_in</connectionname>            <type>1</type>            <consumer>True</consumer>            <audiosource>False</audiosource>            <videosource>False</videosource>            <linelevel>True</linelevel>            <classes>                <class>                    <classname>BUTTON_LINK</classname>                </class>            </classes>        </connection>        <connection>            <id>2</id>            <facing>0</facing>            <connectionname>btn_out</connectionname>            <type>1</type>            <consumer>False</consumer>            <audiosource>False</audiosource>            <videosource>False</videosource>            <linelevel>False</linelevel>            <classes>                <class>                    <classname>BUTTON_LINK</classname>                </class>            </classes>        </connection>  

This is how my Connection pane looks like:



What I want is to toggle lighting scene when I press button on dimmSwitch dimmer. As you can see on picture above I linked btn_in connection with advanced scene but this doesn't works. I tried this feature with 6 button keypad(KPZ - 6B1) driver and advanced scene(see test room on picture above) and it works fine, but in case of my dimmer driver and advanced scene it doesn't works.

Do I need to add some functions to my driver to handle these connections(bindings) or it is under ComposerPro to activate/toggle scenes?


Kindest Regards

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The standard lighting proxy wouldn't allow for a connection from a button TOO a scene - it wold allow for a connection to a keypad.

Take a look at the v2 proxies and see how the handle the 'behave as a 2-button' option.


I'd have to look quite a bit closer to give you any real feedback - and I don't have access to my computer that I have all me SDK stuff on right now.

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Dear Cyknight,


If I understand you well, you are saying that I need to use light V_2 proxy in my driver in order to activate advanced lighting scene via BUTTON_LINK connection ?


What do you mean by: Take a look at the v2 proxies and see how the handle the 'behave as a 2-button' option  ? 


Can I somewhere find light driver example based on  light_v2 proxy to see how these connections works ?


I am reading SDK but I can't find anything related to this issue


Thank you for your support.

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No it doesn't need to be V2 for a button link - though if you want scene ramp control it will indeed need it.


The current lightswitch have the ability to act as a 2-button via setting (ie ignore the load control and create button bindings to use as if it were the old 2-button keypad).


I'm in no way certain where this could possibly be found in the driver/proxy, but the ability is there non the less.

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