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  1. Looks like we have the same problem with version 3.1 of the app. 3.0 did show up on the amazon app store but now the 3.1 version will not install on my kindle fires
  2. The new control4 OS3 app is not compatible with my 2018 kindle fire. Seems like control4 needs to update the compatibility list on the amazon app store.
  3. Hmmm. Here's an interesting site. https://customer.control4.com/apps/googleassistant
  4. The Guide button is configurable to either go to guide or home. All I'm asking for is the menu button to be configurable as well.
  5. Please add the ability to send the home command when pressing the menu key. This specifically applies to Shield TV. Thanks for an awesome product!
  6. I have been having this issue for some time as well. After the upgrade to 2.10 my announcements would stop working after a while. A reboot would solve it for a while, but eventually after upgrading to the latest version of 2.10 my announcements stopped. I also noticed that anything playing on my HC-800 natively would not work. Tunein, Pandor, My Music, etc. Generally I use either chromecast musics or sonos connect so this was never a concern. Tonight I was browsing around in composer and when I double clicked on the HC800 in my project I noticed that audio output 1 which was connected to my matrix was muted! Turning the volume up and everything starting working again including announcements, Tunein, Pandora, etc.
  7. Any updates on getting pairing working again? I'm interested in getting the driver.
  8. Understanding how IFTTT works with a multi user google home is essential to understanding how you can best utilize Alan's IFTTT driver. I recently made the jump to a multi-user setup with my google home and I found out that IFTTT integration works in a way that is beneficial for custom trigger phrases. For a long time I avoided multi-user setup. I have 6 google homes in my house. Each home is associated with a separate google account linked to a unique IFTTT account. This allows me to use a phrase like "OK Google, Lights" Depending on the home that heard the command it would send that command to a unique IFTTT account that could then send the proper command through Alan's driver to just turn on the lights in that room. I was worried that multi-user would break that functionality, but with new features coming like Broadcast and the ability to have only one home respond to your request I needed all the homes in my house connected to the same account. My concern was that multi-user would work like calendar stuff. It would detect who spoke the command and send that command to that person's IFTTT account. This would obviously break the setup I have above because if my wife's IFTTT account was set to control the master bedroom when she would say "OK Google, lights" in the kitchen (My account) it would turn on the lights in the master bedroom. I am happy to report that this is not the case. IFTTT across multiple accounts does not key off the voice. It uses what's called the "pooling method". This method searches through the multi-user accounts attached to the home "in the order they were added" to the home to find a trigger that matches the phrase. Using this understanding I just had to make sure my wife's account was the first user added to the master home and my account was the first user added to the kitchen home and the second user added to all other homes as my account holds all the generic IFTTT recipes. Now even when I say "OK, google lights" in the master bedroom it turns on the lights in the master, but I also now have all the multi-user goodies that google home provides.
  9. Alan, Works awesome. This really is great. One last feature request and I think it would be perfect. An option to rename words would rock. for example rename lights to light. That way a single programming recipe will work for "turn on office lights" and "turn on office light"
  10. Alan, I would like to request a feature. As I am doing the programming I use IFTTT phrases like "Turn on $" or "Raise $". To be flexible I always program 2 versions of everything in C4 using both the definite article and not. For example I setup 2 programming actions for "kitchen lights" and "the kitchen lights". If your driver could optionally strip off leading definite articles like "the" it would cut my programming time in half. I wish control4 could do regexp matching in programming or even glob matching. It would really make programming for google home much easier. Great driver. Really enjoy using it.
  11. Looking at the triggers it appears that google home will be awesome. The flexibility is exactly what we want. No more restrictions on phrasing. We can use whatever combinations of words we choose. Multiple aliases built in! It's time to preorder a google home.
  12. The new google home assistant will support IFTTT out of the box. That means this driver will be able to interact with a google home device as well. Woot!
  13. There is a new "Voice scene" driver that needs to be added to your project. Once it's added you can add and program all the voice scenes you'd like through HE. You can also create dummy lighting scenes and use that as a trigger as well.
  14. I think you can start using the additional commands immediately. I know that I can use open/close for blinds now that didn't used to work. I'd have to try arm/disarm. They all map to the On/Off triggers in control4.
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