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  1. Of course not. You mostly need one per project, but some project with huge number of DMX Lights (500+) will require a second DMX engine
  2. Plex can do ISO with a small mod, but it will not stream it, just index and scrap the cover art and informatio, so it need a player that can handle the ISO format like Dune. But I found the experience not so great with ISO as the best feature of Plex is being able to stream the movie to almost anything.
  3. Ok, I may take a look... But I don't have any other Sonoff devices other than the two DIY... I do not plan to order more of their stuff but if someone want this driver to have support for more Sonoff devices with direct lan control, just send me the device and I will give you a driver license for free in exchange.
  4. Do you know if tasmota allow direct network command? Whit no MQTT or cloud? If it does, it wouldn't be so hard to add support into the driver without breaking the DIY support.
  5. Yes i'm aware of this custom firmware but I prefer not going this route... I want my driver to be accessible for the average dealer, not the DIY at home... Anyways, this home DIY person is certainly aware how to flash the custom firmware and make it run in C4 using MQTT.
  6. As stated, the driver support ONLY the non-cloud Sonoff device (noted "DIY" on their website) I do not plan to write a driver for the cloud device because as most cloud stuff, it work for a time, then the cloud crap changes or die, and the device become unusable... So I'll stick with local control as much as possible.
  7. Check out our latest driver, available now on BlackWire webstore: https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/shelly-light-relay-rgbw-aio-driver-suite-for-control4/ An All-In-One Control4 driver for all Shelly Dimmer/Switch/Relay and RGBW devices. It work with direct network connection to the Shelly devices without any hub or needs for Cloud services. Features summary: Really easy to set up Auto-discovery Auto-IP configuration (survive IP changes) Auto-Devices detection True Light and Relay Proxies, no need for external driver Web View UI for RGBW Color Wheel available on T3 Full customization and device configurable functions all available right into Control4 Bidirectional communication Direct network connection with no latency No cloud connection, your driver will work forever Intelligent driver algorithm that will support most of the current products and adapt to future one Switch/Relay driver Supported models: Shelly1, Shelly1PM, Shelly2, Shelly2.5, Shelly4Pro, Shelly Plug/PlugS Dimmer driver supported models: Shelly Dimmer/SL, Shelly Vintage, Shelly RGBW2 (in White mode) RGBW driver supported models: Shelly RGBW2 (in Color mode), Shelly Bulb RGBW driver provide a WebView UI for ColorWheel interface on the T3: Limitations: This version of the driver does not natively support the Shelly Duo bulb (yet). The Shelly dimmer system only support a configurable fixed ramping, no dynamic (Ramp-To) is possible within Control4. The Shelly RGBW2 device only support an hard-coded 1 second ramp rate. Every level changes sent to this device will be done with 1 sec ramping.
  8. Check this one: Full light proxy support, broad range of Shelly products, no MQTT or Cloud required: https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/shelly-light-relay-rgbw-aio-driver-suite-for-control4/
  9. I've also done a driver for Shelly that support almost all the product lineup, it is in test right now and should be releasing in a few days,.
  10. I think Europe and Asia dealers does not have to comply to UL, so they can still use it without breaking any building code. The R3 device is not as badly built with screws holding the case, and can be installed safety in a metal 4x4 box. I would not use the POW/POW2 anywhere though... Anyways the driver I've written is only for the two DIY devices and both come in an enclosed form.
  11. @zaphod Yes it actually work on North American 120v, I live in Canada just like you and I've done all my tests on 120v. Don't forget to get the DIY version of the Sonoff mini!!! It's the same price, but it's the only model that allow running without cloud or MQTT.
  12. I also mentioned I've allowed to turn on the realtime feedback through a manual option. So by default the driver will poll, but if someone need realtime feeback he can turn it ON knowing this may cause issue with other drivers.
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