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  1. Wi-Fi/Cloud solution and Stable cannot be in the same sentence... i would be glad to hear you're satisfied with this solution but I doubt the long term reliability, the same as all cloud-based/app controlled/customer grade RGB LED controller. For the cheapest Integrated RGB control that is reliable (without going DMX), I would prefer to go with the ultra-simple yet complete IR driver from Chowmain that work with any cheap IR-controller RGB lights, it is so simple it can't fail. Just forget bout all those Wi-Fi/Cloud/App crap or leave the customer deal with it (cause they usually work well using only their app), else you will hear the phone ringing a lot....
  2. It will work using our DMX driver, but you will need to use four standard single channel dmx driver for each of the level to control is your fixture. Don't use the Tunable White Driver, it is not designed for this kind of fixture. then you can so some simple programming is Composer to get the warm dim or any automatic color change, not that hard to acheive.
  3. If you go the DMX way, you can use wireless dmx decoder to each strip location and not have to change the rest of your customer's system. A wireless dmx decoder require only power to word and can control an unilimed number of channel by daisy chaining wired decoder at the light location. also, Chowmain has written a generic RGB light driver that work using cheap china RGB controller with an IR remote. He also has a driver for Yeelite, that is very near of what Milight is.
  4. I know the wifi hub version was was not specified in the driver but I wrote the driver at the time the hub v2 was current, and I nver knew they would realease a v3, v4, soo after and will break their api that worked with v2. Not worth updating the driver considering the poor result a Milight integration provide.
  5. I haven't migrated the Mi-Light driver to another marketplace because it is outdated, work only with the gen2 Wi-Fi hub (I think they are now at 4 or 5 gen..) and the overall product did not impress me at all so the driver was also unpopular.
  6. I can bring it back to the Blackwire marketplace.
  7. @GusSafadi Grab the latest download package from BlackWire and update the Tunable White Dimmer from your project. Just do an in-place upgrade of this particular driver and ignore the same version warning. For a reason, the Tunable White Dimmer was still at a previous version until I found out yesterday (thanks to a dealer) and it is now fixed.
  8. @pkkaiser i've responded to all your mails and asked a single question (about the screenshot you've sent): are you still using 1.5.9? This is important to know cause direct migration from 1.5.9 to 2.2.1 is not possible. also, sometime (often) my email @domaudeo.com got trap in spam filter, please take a look
  9. This is feasible but would require an odd setup that would allow me to see the projector status trough a teamviewer session (maybe and USB webcam or something), by seeing it that would be easy to create a very basic unidirectional driver using the Driver Wizard. I may not call you, I'm not a phone guy, but if you can setup something to allow me to see the projector, we can certainly schedule moment to work on that and that should be quick. You need to make sure the RS-232 wiring is good, properly connected to the controller, and find some way to plug the computer right into the projector RS232 port if needed, usually with USB to DB9 RS-232 adapter.
  10. There is some special control characters to know about but it's not hard to figure out... I would have done it for your but this cannot be done blind, I need an actual unit to test and I did not. I may have one in a week or two.
  11. BW 2.2.1 Version Update Note! For those planning to upgrade their current DMX system to the latest version 2.2.1 available at Blackwire, your Houselogix code WILL STOP WORKING! We can provide you a free conversion to an offline license code but this controller migration will not be possible anymore with offline code. So please be aware of that before upgrading. If you do so, leave me a PM with your current HL code and the MAC of your controller and I will send you your offline license code.
  12. Just a quick update on the new C4 IOS App that kills the ColorWheel view, we have it fixed but had to build separated ColorChanger driver just for the IOS app. It is attached to this post and is a complement of the Advanced DMX Driver Suite v2.2.1 available at Blackwire (will NOT work with the Houselogix version). The IOS ColorChanger driver is also included in the download package from BW. That's complicated stuff a bit for customer with both Android and IOS devices, but you will be glad to see the huge speed improvement and enhanced look of the color wheel on IOS. light_domaudeo_dmx_ColorChanger_ios.c4z
  13. So you want to keep the computer software active AND control the same DMX lights with C4? I may be wrong but there is no option to have two DMX controller on the same universe because of the way DMX work ( dmx always sends data on the bus) . Even those interface with "DMX in" are not designed to mix dmx commands over the same light... as I said I may be wrong on this one... i think your best bet is to find a way to interract with the computer software in some way from c4... sometime those software can accept dmx in as trigger commands, if not sometime it can use rs232 or web commands and those two can be sent from c4 without the need of deep programming skills.
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