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  1. Pretty sure you can't "link" two NWK together but why doing that? One NWK and control A LOT of devices and Lutron cabling is very reliable even on long runs. If you absolutely need to use 2 NWK, you will have them both in the project and each respective devices will be attached to his own NWK, this will be invisible for the customer.
  2. The Graffik Eye *SHOULD* work as it was with the stock driver, because the core of the driver is exactly the same as the one on C4 DB. I can't help on setting up GraffikEye and light on the NWK because I've never done that. This BTW is a supported case you can submit to C4 tech support (just don't tell them you're using a custom NWK driver)
  3. You only need the NWK and the Lutron Power Panel (and maybe a 24v power supply for the NWK). You need to ask the shade installer to set the limit while installing, that's easy to do using the three buttons on the share motor. The rest of the programming will be done using the driver without the need of command line or complicated stuff. No that's no an urban legend, this driver work and once you know how to use it, you will never go back to the dated driver from C4 database. Why there is no support? Because the original driver was made by Houseloginc sponsered by Lutron and supported by Control4. My driver is a modded version of the Houselogix driver, I've done it on my time and I was not paid to do so. I am willing to share it to other and explain how to get it to work but don't expect deep support unless I make the driver paid. That being says, here is the steps needed to make it work: - Make sure ALL your shades are installed and connected to the power panel (important! They need to be all there!) - Install the NWK on the Lutron QS bus and turn it On. Plug it to the network. - Set the NWK IP to something in your current network using the IP Configuration Utility (attached) - Add the Lutron NWK QS (Domaudeo) to the projet. - Do the network binding according to the IP you've set - Go to Action and select "Discover Lutron QS Devices". Wait a few seconds... - Go back to properties and it should have found your NWK: - Select the NWK device and enter nwk as the username (it's the default username set in the NWK, this is well known) - Now add a Lutron Sivolia QS Shade (Domaudeo) driver to the project, your need one per shade, of course, but start with one for testing. - On the SHADE driver, Select Action and Discover Lutron QS Devices... Wait a few seconds. - On back on the Properties of the Shade driver and the Discovered Devices should have populated. - Select the shade you want to control - IMPORTANT! If the shade is brand new and has never "seen" the NWK before, give it a name in the "Device Address" propertie: - Click "Set" then go the the Action tab and select "Set Integration ID" The Shade should now fully work with bidirectionnal feedback and a nice Slider interface in Navigator. There is a nice Shade Group driver also Included, it build a real hardware shade group for perfectly synchroneous control and birectionnal feedback of the average level of the shade in the group. I can explain how to use if requested. Hope this will help. Share this procedure if someone else need it. IP Configuration Utility.zip
  4. Also since the Denon is often Back-ordered and out of stock, there will be soon something to integrate a similar unit by Rane, widely available at a pretty good price.
  5. This IOS app update killed my RGB Color Wheel camera view... 😪 Is there any chance someone here is aware of how to code a non-RSTP static image streaming using the new C4 IOS app? Seems to not work anymore with MJPEG streams...
  6. Latest C4 update killed the ColorWheel view on IOS.. Again... Please don't contact us if you have this issue, I am aware of that and are working on a fix.
  7. Sh*t, this is true.. sorry for the bad spelling... This is a bad traduction of how it would be said in French... But anyway, too late, can't rename it and it is now a 5 years old thread (already??)... Ok, about the firmware update, the current version is included in the driver package, have you done the latest update? You need a computer and a serial cable WITH the pin4 present. You don't need any special baudrate settings for the firmware update, but it may not work with all USB to Serial cable... After the update it should be 5.072. Just make sure you're using the DUAL output DMX Engine, the Single output need a different firmware I can post on this forum if needed. And lastly, 5.061 WILL work with the latest driver but will miss some commands, mostly from Group Dimmer and RGB Group Dimmer, thus it can still run 80% of the features.
  8. The firmware is included with the download package.
  9. What is wrong about the title? Did I made a gramatical mistake? English is not my native language you know...
  10. SINCE HOUSELOGIX IS CLOSING, ADVANCED DMX DRIVER IS NOW MIGRATED TO THE BLACKWIRE WEBSTORE. GET IT AT: https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/advanced-dmx-for-control4/ You need a dealer account to log in, pricing is the same as before and licensing is very similar. The new version on the Blackwire marketplace is a update over the last on Houselogix and fix a bug on all group dimmer driver that failed to initialize on larger project, this is fixed in version 2.2.1 available at Blackwire marketplace.
  11. What??? RS-232 support exist since forever and they will never drop this since there is way too much device that is controlled via RS-232. As for the DMX Driver, is will stay compatible with the RS-232 Engine as long as the device exist and ES does not plan to stop production anytime soon. But we will for sure add the Ethernet Engine support as soon as I get my hand on preview unit.
  12. Don't mix the EtherCon DMX Engine and the Ethernet DMX Engine... from what I see on the ES website, the Ethernet Engine is only available in preorder, but the RS-232 DMX Engine WITH Ethernet connector (EtherCon) is available since a while. It's basically the same RS-232 Engine with the XLR connector swapper for an RJ45 connector. This EtherCon RS-232 DMX engine work perfect with our driver, and this the one I sell everday, much easier to work with than the older XLR version.
  13. Thanks! I didn't knew about this driver and yes, it seems to do what we need to do... will sure give it a try on a particular project where we used the Coax Output of an HDMI Matrix to feed the Audio Matrix, and this also screw up director...
  14. Sorry if it doesn't go so well, I don't know what is the QS Wireless with Ecosystem QSGRJ-16E... But This driver is mainly built to work with the NWK and any QS Wired Shades, this is the SAME driver as the one in the C4 db with some added features. Maybe this wireless stuff is not compatible with it at all... But since it's a driver distributed by C4 and sponsored by Lutron, you can call Lutron and or C4 and get support from them.
  15. Thanks, that worked... but any forum admin could remove the "false" login screen to avoid confusion??
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