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  1. There is no limitation to 4-ch with the current DMX Driver, you can use any number of single channel driver to control a device that needs any number of channel. Also the Effect Switch driver have some option to control moving head fixture, it's mostly integrated and meant for doing dynamic effect but it's there. As for your request, I think multiple single channel driver is the way to go.
  2. @evian_domino1 It is available either from Amazon ou Engineering Solution directly, here's some links for US and Canadian dealers: https://www.amazon.com/Engineering-Solutions-Inc-RS-232-Double/dp/B078T16V4X/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=dmx+engine&qid=1610741203&sr=8-2 https://www.amazon.ca/-/fr/RS-232-double-moteur-de-DMX/dp/B078T16V4X/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&ie=UTF8&keywords=dmx engine&language=en_CA&qid=1610741249&sr=8-1 And you can get the one with RJ-45 output from Engineering Solutions: http://response-box.com/gear/product/dmx-engine-output-select/ Same price everywhere.
  3. New version now available, now support all Shelly sensors such as the Shelly H&T, Shelly Floor, Shelly Smoke, Shelly Gas and any new sensor that may exist in the future. So it's now the only Shelly driver on the market that support ALL Shelly devices!
  4. A New version of the Shelly AIO driver released. This version was made to fulfill many dealers requests that wanted support for Shelly EM/EM3 and the Shelly Duo. This version 2.1.0 mainly add support the the Shelly EM line using the relay driver. It brings all the available information from the Energy Meter module into Control4 and allow programming on variables. The Shelly Duo bulb is also fully supported through the Dimmer driver. Available at the BlackWire marketplace
  5. I'm pretty sure you'll be fine. Please post back on the forum to let everyone know if it work on 2.10.6. Thanks
  6. I did not tried it on 2.10.6 but I confirm the drivers will load on 2.10.6, so there is good chance it'll work. Try it using the free trial.
  7. Ok I think I figured it out, the binding ID I was using was below 5000 and this prevented the Outlet Light to become Online...
  8. I'm trying to get the newer Outlet Dimmer Light to be Online. I'm not sure what command to send... I've sniffed what C4 sends from the Outlet Module when an Outlet Light connects: it sends C4:SendToProxy(id, "ONLINE_CHANGED", {data = "True"}) Witch differs from the usual Online command C4:SendToProxy(id, "ONLINE_CHANGED", {STATE = "True"}) Either of those commands does not work when sent to a bound Outlet Dimmer Light from my driver... the light stays offline. I tried everything logical to me: C4:SendToProxy(id, "ONLINE_CHANGED", {STATE = "True"}) C4:SendToProxy(id, "ONLINE_CHANGED", {["STATE"] = "True"}) C4:SendToProxy(id, "ONLINE_CHANGED", {STATE = true}) C4:SendToProxy(id, "ONLINE_CHANGED", {data = "True"}) C4:SendToProxy(id, "ONLINE_CHANGED", {["data"] = "True"}) C4:SendToProxy(id, "ONLINE_CHANGED", "True") And nothing seems to be able to make the Outlet Light becomes online.. Someone know what is the right command to send? TIA
  9. This feature is not yet implemented, just as the LABEL and TRACK properties you need to add manually to the xml using a text editor. DriverEditor is clearly due to a major update...
  10. Yes and no. The driver is officially pulled out because it is dated and does not support recent Insteon devices. It is also cumbersome to setup and not user friendly at all. Also we do not plan to release an update due to lack of popularity. That being said, we can still provide the driver on demand, it will tied to a Blackwire account for a small fee and will come with no support. You'll be on your own. You can still try the drive for free an unlimited number of time.
  11. We have just release a new version of the driver, with some nice and often requested features: - New ColorPicker interface that support RGBW / RGB+CCT / White Temperature, all into one interface supported on T3/T4 and Mobile devices. - The ColorPicker wheel is now hosted by an highly reliable repository, no more black screen and spinning wheel. It will work. - The Tunable White dimmer now support CCT as well as Circadian Lighting. The Cicardian lighting option is entirely automated, no need to mess with C4 schedule. - Lot of bug fixes. Here's the new ColorPicker: Circadian Lighting Option:
  12. I think I got it, at least for my case. I only have 8 daily tasks to schedule within the driver, so instead of polling os.time periodically, I just have to get the current time once a day, then start 8 timers each 24h interval, each timer will be set to the number of seconds before triggering based on the actual epoch time. 8 timers should be more efficient than a recurring one plus a loop of IF-THEN to check if an event is set to trigger...
  13. I see... so you're pulling os.time only once and then trust your recurring timer to keep track of time?
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