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  1. Can't tell.. I've tried the same exact thing on my own system and it worked perfectly. I have a 7" T3 and lot of Insteon devices... Only thing i can tell is to try to check the Lua output of this Insteon dimmer driver in Composer and see if any error pop.
  2. I run my Insteon system on OS3 with no issue, where did you get this error message, can you post a screenshot?
  3. Yes, all mic input are always mixed with every zone, but you have a slider per zone to control the mix level (of all microphones) output of this zone. The driver allow control over that pretty easily. So you get two volume control per zone in c4: one for the stereo source and one for all mic, and both are mixed all the time in that zone. you can also adjust the mixing level of each mic input, but this is done one time in the we interface, the driver does not allow playing with that. also if you want to mute the mic input, set the volume to 1 and not 0/inf... seems like a bug in the Denon, it does not mute when set to INF. in c4 you can do that using room volume or through programming in composer, i usually do a macros to mute the mic to all zone at startup and unmute only when mic is needed. hope that make sense.
  4. New version of the driver is now released, and this version truly enable control over the Mic/Line part of this mixer.
  5. So the driver can control all sources, volume and matrix, and in addition to that it can control the 6 Mic/Line input. As for the Mic/Line, those are not switchable, they are on all the time to all the zones, but you can control the volume they will output to each zone. So there will be 8 volume control (one for each zone) that will control the output to that zone of all Mic/Line inputs to that are always mixed together. So one volume for the source audio and one volume for the mic/line audio coming from any mic/line input. Two volume control per zone: Audio and Mics for short. I am about to release a new version of the driver that will do that properly using room binding, the customer will be able to control "mixing" using the room volume. Hope this make sense.
  6. Ok got more info! Seems the Denon will mix ANY of the Mic/Line input to all zone, and the C4 driver can only modulate the source or ALL mic/line mixed input.
  7. Why not use the Shade Group Driver? It will build the group automatically and choose the right phantom button. It need to use one phantom button per group
  8. The Denon cannot mix sources, but there is 6 separate input for line/mic for each zone and those will mix with the zone source. So it is meant to have a single mic input per zone, Check out the web control interface, it's very self explanatory. The C4 driver allow using this mixing input using a separated audio matrix proxy interface.
  9. It's all available on BlackWire. if you were running an older Houselogix driver version, pm me with your Blackwire dealer ID and I will migrate your license for free into your account.
  10. The Rane driver is not done since we were finally able to gain access to some Denon inventory and after comparing both units, the Denon is much more functionnal than the Rane. as for Mic mixing, the Denon does that anytime using the six mic input, to control it from C4, you will have to bind a fake room to one of the channel,of the mic mixing device (secondary audio matrix) in Composer and use this room's volume control to set the mic volume or mute it. It's odd to explain but once you see what it does, it make sense since the mic input appear in the zone audio menu. I will try to post some screenshots later on.
  11. OS 3.0 NOTE: As some of you know, the current Advanced DMX driver is broken by Control4 OS 3.0. There is a fix available right now at the Black Wire marketplace, it's a free upgrade of all the individual DMX drivers in the suite. We recommend doing it prior of upgrading to OS 3.0, this can also be done after the upgrade.
  12. Great setup, glad it work well for you, it's an alternative for personal home or lab. I would never sell a DIY solution to a customer though, sometime you pay more to buy the "Peace of mind" (and support from a reputable company). All this worth something for me.
  13. Wi-Fi/Cloud solution and Stable cannot be in the same sentence... i would be glad to hear you're satisfied with this solution but I doubt the long term reliability, the same as all cloud-based/app controlled/customer grade RGB LED controller. For the cheapest Integrated RGB control that is reliable (without going DMX), I would prefer to go with the ultra-simple yet complete IR driver from Chowmain that work with any cheap IR-controller RGB lights, it is so simple it can't fail. Just forget bout all those Wi-Fi/Cloud/App crap or leave the customer deal with it (cause they usually work well using only their app), else you will hear the phone ringing a lot....
  14. It will work using our DMX driver, but you will need to use four standard single channel dmx driver for each of the level to control is your fixture. Don't use the Tunable White Driver, it is not designed for this kind of fixture. then you can so some simple programming is Composer to get the warm dim or any automatic color change, not that hard to acheive.
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