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  1. Yes I got the email and the new driver, it seems fine, will confirm once I get back on the job site but i'm not worried. Thanks!
  2. This driver miss the Analog Out (RCA) for zone 6 and 7... Possible to add them?
  3. Just like Savant does with their ip audio stuff... add an amp, get more streams...
  4. Would be nice to see an IO Extender v3 to be released with audio outputs, to put along side the CA-10.
  5. FYI this was caused by a bug in version 2.2.1, it has been solved with the latest release of the driver.
  6. I really not see the point of the CA-10... Dual power supply??? But only one power input??? What? after 25 years working with enterprise servers, there is no feature more needed than two power supplies connected to two different UPS, preventing downtime when one UPS dies...
  7. It is presented as 2 audio matrix. Within C4 limitations, the best you ca do to control Master and Mic/line is to create a separate room and bind the endpoints accordingly... This look odd in Composer but make lot of sense on a T3, I usually automated stuff using an experience button that look like a Mike, the user select the mike and I usable all the rooms bound to the Denon to provide a "Mixer-like" experience when the user select the audio zone control on his T3. I just want to prevent him for having to "add room" to a zone, which does not make sense for that use case. Hard to explain but hope it make some sense...
  8. Look like a baurate issue...check out the web interface of the Denon from a web browser and validate the baudrate is set at 9600bps.
  9. I've tried IntrinsicGroup's driver, it work, but certainly need to more work on it... It does not provide birectionnal feedbacks and does not support ramping... Do you plan to improve the driver anytime soon? If not, I can help on that, it's not that hard to add at least the ramping feature that is much needed...
  10. Can't tell.. I've tried the same exact thing on my own system and it worked perfectly. I have a 7" T3 and lot of Insteon devices... Only thing i can tell is to try to check the Lua output of this Insteon dimmer driver in Composer and see if any error pop.
  11. I run my Insteon system on OS3 with no issue, where did you get this error message, can you post a screenshot?
  12. Yes, all mic input are always mixed with every zone, but you have a slider per zone to control the mix level (of all microphones) output of this zone. The driver allow control over that pretty easily. So you get two volume control per zone in c4: one for the stereo source and one for all mic, and both are mixed all the time in that zone. you can also adjust the mixing level of each mic input, but this is done one time in the we interface, the driver does not allow playing with that. also if you want to mute the mic input, set the volume to 1 and not 0/inf... seems like a bug in the Denon, it does not mute when set to INF. in c4 you can do that using room volume or through programming in composer, i usually do a macros to mute the mic to all zone at startup and unmute only when mic is needed. hope that make sense.
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