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  1. Having a conundrum- two separate HEOS sources feeding into a Nuvo Essentia 6G 12 zone. When I try and add rooms to a session, it links the two Heos sources (verified by watching the HEOS app) and then distributes the audio across the two inputs throughout the home. I am new to using the AV Path Setter driver. Would this driver help? Trying to keep the two Heos sources separate, but no matter what I've done (haven't implemented the AV Path Setter yet), the two Heos sources link. Sorry if this a a simple thing, but I am normally a lighting guy, so trying my best. System is HC800 running 2.1
  2. I have an earlier version of Blue Iris 5, and I can see both an Indoor IQ and Hello. There is a significant delay- about 15 seconds.
  3. There is already an occupancy sensor driver for RadioRA2 and HWQS, should be in the data base. Look under Powr Savr. You could try that and use the ID from the SmartBridge.
  4. Totally understand that sentiment from the view that it is your house. If you don't need that fine of control, then the High/low/off option does work. Coming from the contractor side, where the homeowner is already making a significant investment in the structure, wiring, controls, and landscaping, I would bid the control panel as the first or best option. Your design would be my second or Better design.
  5. I was a Lutron rep for several years. The wiring diagrams on the power boosters were so confusing. That's the best I've seen from them on that device.
  6. Did these with RadioRA2 and the 0-10v modules. Use the expensive panel on this site, and you won't have any issues. Full control and "dimming" available. customers always loved, just create a room called heaters to reduce confusion. You'll need a 0-10V dimmer for each zone you are trying to dim. http://infratech-usa.com/products/controls/home-management/
  7. Set a voice scene that calls a macro or is programmed to open or close the blinds
  8. This is absolutely correct. There are security concerns regarding opening and closing via voice- with two assumptions. 1. anyone can walk up to your front or back door and loudly say "Alexa, xxxxx" and the garage will open. I heard rumors they were working on a two factor type of authorization forthis, but then why? Just open your app. 2. closing a garage sight unseen can create a hazard for anyone that might be in the way of the closing door. Photo sensors will still override the motor, but if they fail, then someone could get pinned or hurt. Unless you have a camera on it an
  9. If the system was recently updated to the 12.4 firmware, the default logins are deleted. Create a login specifically for Control4, as @mstafford388 suggested. I would do this anyway, even if not on 12.4.
  10. Are you sure it's first gen? First gen was hard to find Yup. Square as all heck- got free from a Lutron promotion. I'll verify.
  11. Where are you located? I have one black one. Switched to Google Home and haven't looked back. Pay shipping and it's yours.
  12. Mitch- you should get a hold of David over at Berto UK. His paid driver for Google home can access the AV devices directly. I set the driver for the rooms with AV and was good to go. Would save a lot of programming of the voice scenes. I added my garage to the mix and was able to open the garage (through a Lutron RA2 VCRX) with a voice command. I quickly removed the garage from the driver.
  13. Google ceased working with IFTTT I believe, so no real way to get the Hello to work with C4 unless you add the ELK devices to pick up the doorbell press.
  14. Not all LEDs prefer that. I would check specs. If the LED spec sheet gives you an option, then you are good to go either way. But running a reverse phase dimmer on a forward phase driver is inviting failure. Someone from C4 would have to chime in, but I believe most ELV/reverse phase/trailing edge dimmers are actually MOSFET and not Triac based. A lot of drivers dislike this type. Still a wave chopping form, just a different method. (I am using my experience with Lutron RA2 here).
  15. Blinds aren't cheap in general, and they will be up for a significant amount of time. Chances are you will use them EVERY day. Don't skimp here. Look into Lutron Triathlon if budget is a concern. Battery life in the 3-5 years is typical. Hardwire options available, and you'll need a Caseta SmartBridge Pro for contol and integration. Look into the forums and FaceBook groups. Lutron is always preferred.
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