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Somfy Dry Contact Interface


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Stupid Question Alert:


Ok I just ordered a Somfy Dry Contact Interface which has four wires, Red Black Green White. Green is the Common and the three other color control Up, Down, and Stop.


So if I put the Red, Black, and White on the NO Contact 1,2,3 of say an HC800 or an Axxess Relay/Contact do I then just pigtail the Green (com) wire into each of those contacts?


I'm guessing yes

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Yes. Mind you, C4 only supports dual relay blinds, not 3 relay. I'd check in the setup if a second pulse to up/down doesn't stop the blind as well. it does on some, or you'll need to program around things for a stop function.

I have one that only has 3 wires.  I assume one goes to the power supply (240v) and the other two go into the back of a card access or HC800.  Does anyone have a diagram of their somfy 240 motor and control 4 connection?

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