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GE Wireless Door/Window Sensors


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I have a few GE NX458 flush mount micro door/window sensors that have been sitting on the shelf for years.  According to what I can see, they have about 25% battery life left.  The battery in them is NOT replaceable.

This got me thinking 2 things.


1) Does anyone have a product similar to this that they use that DOES have field replaceable batteries?

2) When the batteries in the sensors that I have installed all over the house die, how do I get these things out to replace them?  They have little teeth that prevent them from coming out.  Certainly someone has ran in to this before?

Thanks in advance.

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Not that small for Concord panels, though there's a larger recess available with replaceable batteries. That said the batteries on those SHOULD last for near enough 15 years, so it's not that likely many have had any issues with it.


They CAN be removed though, the teeth aren't intended to prevent that, but to keep it from falling out/being pulled out by the battery.

In addition, although replacing the battery isn't intended - it IS possible if you can de-solder and solder - battery can be found using it's part nr.

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