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Dune Smart D1 - HELP


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Hi.....my setup is bluray iso rips, stream via Dune D1, controlled by C4

Is there a specific setting within the D1 that would allow a movie once chosen thru the Control4 GUI to start immediately vs having to watch the previews, etc?

I went thru as many of the settings as i can find and if i choose a movie via the Dune directly it starts playing the "movie" immediately but if I choose any movie via the C4 GUI it starts playback as a disk so I have to get thru the adverts, trailers, etc

Hope someone out here can help.......


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That's not a "feature" of the D1 - it plays back the .iso which is exactly like the disc - including ads and user prohibited actions.


You should change the settings of the software you used to create the .iso. Some (like Slysoft) offer the ability to skip ads, and user prohibited actions. Otherwise changing to something that doesn't support full bd menus like the Popcorn Hour A400 will jump right to the movie. 


*edit to say that  this happened to me with my D1 and does not happen with the A400 when choosing movies via the c4 gui*

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Hi Codeman.....what's interesting is there is actually a feature within the D1 as also the dune max that allows you to set the setting to bd-lite for immediate movie playback.....and that works fine using the mymovies GUI

However......using the C4 GUI changes things and starts all the adverts, trailers, etc so I'm wondering if it's a limitation within the C4 driver and wonder if it can be coded to add this?

I don't have the option of changing features within anydvd since I'm using their server based software

Any thoughts?

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