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Is Invoked vs Becomes Active


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Invoked would be called when a Adv Scene is actively called for in programming or a button push (either to  deactivate OR activate) while activate and deactivate would be called whenever the scene becomes active or inactive.

For example tracked scene Living On becomes active when House On is triggered. If you program against "Activated" to turn on the fireplace, it will now also turn on the fireplace when you trigger House On.

If you program it to Invoked -> IF Active, it would not be triggered when you Activate House On.

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No you're missing the point. I added the IF to differentiate between active and inactive in the example. Mind you, that was unneeded as I made a small error.


Let me try again.


"When Scene Invoked" will run whenever some sort of programming, binding or user interface directly activates (calls/invokes) a lighting scene. It will NOT trigger if for instance a scene is tracked on one light and that light is turned on, at which point that scene is considered active (but nothing told it to become active).

"When scene becomes active" will run whenever that scene becomes active, even when you did in no way call for (told) that scene to activate.


Perhaps an easier example:

Room with 2 lights. - office

Office Off scene has both lights tracked and is active when BOTH lights are off.


I turn both lights off by pressing their respective dimmers - the Office Off scene is now ACTIVE

"Invoked" would not trigger the programming I have attached to it because nothing "invoked" or "called" for that scene to become active.

"Becomes Active" programming would trigger becomes the scene, well, just became active.


Perhaps this is clearer?


You would see little difference here if you are not tracking your scenes, but if you ARE tracking, this can become an important difference.

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Yup... Got it, very clear, thank you! This even caused a DUH moment.  I was dealing with some LED issues today when turning a few light scenes on and off that had me stumped for a bit, until I checked what lights I was tracking and then I had the first DUH moment of the day. 

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