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Programming Timer or Schedule


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Hi all,


I am looking for guidance and best practice when it comes to programming. What does one use when wanting to do a check of variables every say 1 minute or hour. Example:

I want to check certain variables i.e.:


Are the sprinklers on

Is the Alarm Armed or has it triggered


Based on these I want to then set certain LED's on my key pad.


Does one use a timer and use the expires event to trigger the check of the variables or does one use a scheduler?


When does one typically use a timer and or scheduler.


Looking forward to your guidance

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When the sprinkler variable changes and if sprinkler is true set LED on keypad "door" to blue.

When alarm varaible changes and if alarm is true set LED on keypad "bedroom" to red, if false set to black


Don't need a timer or scheduler, it's the change in status that's the trigger.


If you need to only set the sprinkler when the alarm is true then:

When the sprinkler changes and if it's ture and if the alarm is true then set LED on keypad....

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