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XBMC Airplay auto power on with Recluse Driver


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Hi Guys


I've got XBMC on a couple of devices running the latest (Official) Frodo release and one running Raspbmc with the Recluse Frodo Driver and I'm trying to get the programming working to automatically turn on my system when I play a video or a song. I believe I've followed the instructions but I can't seem to get it to work.


If I select the watch XBMC on a remote or navigator it all works well so I think it must be a programming problem rather than conection or driver issue.


I've attached a screen shot of my programming If the programming is correct is there anything else I should check.


Cheers Guys.





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If I pick a song or video in Navigator it works fine which I thought I had pointed out in the original post. This isn't my problem.


What I am trying to do is play music on my phone and airplay it to my XBMC and have this turn on all the devices required. This should work in the same way as airplaying to a Wireless Music Bridge does.


The Driver documentation details how to achieve this however I think I have followed the instructions but I still can't get it to work. I was hoping I was missing something obvious.

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XBMC changes the media type to lowercase so make it 'movie' rather than 'MOVIE' and it should work.  Use the SNMP agent to view the values for the variables.  This should help you out with your troubleshooting.

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