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Composer HE 2.6 vs. 2.5.3


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New proud C4 owner here with a question I haven't been able to find an answer to.  As I just had my C4 2.5.3 system installed recently, going to see about upgrading to OS 2.6.  I've asked to purchase a Composer HE license from my dealer and would like to check on a couple of things:


1. Dealer mentioned they'd have to order the software - but I thought it was just a matter of selling me a license code that I can use on the C4 webiste to download it myself.  Which is it? Download or physical  - or is it both?


2. Is Composer HE OS version specific?  It seems to me since OS 2.6 is such a significant upgrade that the Compose HE software may be different - at least the C4 website has different manuals for OS 2.6 and OS 2.5.3 versions. 


Thanks much.

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1 ) Composer Home Edition is an optional, licensed software application that allows the homeowner to customize the configuration of the Control4 system in their own home. It can be used to configure devices (for example: change LED colors and default ramp rates on Control4 Dimmers) and create and modify custom programming. A license is required to use this software and can be downloaded on your customer.control4.com downloads page. 


2 ) Yes, you would want to use the HE version to match your system. As mentioned above, this can be downloaded on your customer.control4.com downloads page. 


I hope this helps.


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Some additions -

1)Licenses can be ordered online by some but not all dealers, and some dealers do not WANT to go this route (payment reasons among others), so it's possible your dealer does need to ORDER a license through his sales rep. The software itself is a download.

This used to be different mind you, it came on a CD install disk, but that was years ago.

2)You want to match you HE version to your system, but the LICENSE is universal, in other words once you have a license you don't need to buy another one if you update your system down the road.


I suspect there is some confusion here between the actual program/download and the license and the process of getting either one.


Also note that you will not be able to download version 2.6 HE from your account untill your system is updated - this is the same for any version - to prevent accidental issues.

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