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FS: Axxess Doorbell Kit


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I've got an Axxess Doorbell kit that I've never added to my project. I had it sitting on my desk for a while for my next dealer meeting and left the battery in -- so it discharged.


This specialized battery needs to be supplied by a dealer -- I've spent a fair amount of time trying to get this battery without resorting to China -- and Axxess won't supply it to me. Interestingly though, they did supply me with a firmware update to fix the short period discharge time that I apparently some owners had with it. I'd be happy to supply the driver to whomever wants it. 


Anyway -- I'd like to do a trade instead of a sale actually. Looking for a Nyce Motion detector, 2 outlet dimmers or two second gen or better regular wall dimmers in Almond. I purchased the doorbell kit for $140 plus shipping. 

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Not trying to be a weiner here but.....


I am interested in this but not at this price. Basically your ad says your passing your problem on to someone else and you are looking for something like twice what you paid for it. Just saying.

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First, the Doorbell battery discharge is a known problem. Hence, my mention of the firmware to correct it. The battery does have to be purchased or acquired by a dealer -- you can source from China as well. I didn't want to introduce that into the mix since I decided not to use it ultimately. I think a good percentage of folks on here are dealers or have close relationships with them. 


Second, I did pay $140 + shipping because I am not a dealer. I know you dealer guys get a significant margin being distributors. In fact, I've heard it's up to a 50-70% on some items. And that's cool. It's a free market. You are an installer, you should know. 


Third, I am looking to trade for used equipment. I wanted to go back and edit or delete my post -- but I couldn't change that title or delete. It's not actually for sale. The going rate around here for a couple dimmers or outlet dimmers is around $50 a pop plus shipping, more or less. 


Fourth, while there isn't anyway to go and rate transactions here, I've done a few, sold a few and bought a lot. I had one issue with some embernet WMS10 motion detectors a while back. Guy I sold it to had one work and the other was faulty. I bought them off Ebay not knowing I couldn't get them to work in my project so i didn't know. Did a full refund with that guy.


All things considered, I don't think based on the factors above, I am passing a problem onto someone else nor asking for something unfair in trade. Looking to make trades on items that have variable $ value to different stakeholders. I am not sure if a dealer would want in on this deal when they get a lot of items for free or the deep, deep discount that us other schmos don't. I have lots of spare gear I'd like to trade for stuff I need as a user, not as a dealer. 

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