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  1. Well its been a good run but I have to move into a rental....Need to get rid of all of the C4 stuff. Pricing below for what I KNOW I have but have to go through some more stuff..... Photos on request. HC-800 (not the BL but you can have my site license and I have something like 9 months left on this 4Site license) $250 SR-250 Remote (X5) $45 each or all for $200 WattBox WB-700-IPV-12 12 Outlet Web controlled $250 Control4 LOZ-5D1-W Outlet Dimmer (X2) $50 each Control4 KD120 Configurable Keypad Dimmer (clean buttons and engraved, ask for details) (X2) $100 eachSOLD Contol4 LDZ-102-W Dimmer Switch (X3) $50 each Control4 LSZ-101-W Switch $40 CardAccess WCS-10R Wireless Relay $40 CardAccess WCS-10A Wireless Contact Sensor $40 CardAccess Wireless Security Bridge V2 ZGB20 $50 Vanco 8x8 HDMI HDBaseT Matrix EVMX4008 (this was a few grand make an offer, I have 6 of the baluns below for it and only 3 have been opened) (x6) HDbaseT Baluns EVRX3000 (sold with above) Vanco 4x4 HDMI over Coax Matrix 280568 with 4 baluns $300 obo Evolution HDMI® 4 x 1 Selector Switch with Seamless Switching and Multiview EVSW1040 $100 let me know now....moving in a few days and its gotta go! More added as I go.
  2. $100 and I cover shipping to the lower 48 states. What you see is what you get. Keypad attached to door since this was for testing only. Included in the sale are: Honeywell Vista 21IP Panel Keypad 4232CBM module Can and Key Shipping to lower 48 only. Paypal or Venmo
  3. Jay - I am about to dismantle my entire system and I have a bunch of dimmers and switches. Do you only want switches or do you want some dimmers too?
  4. Ill throw you some info..... Many folks here are dealers. So when you put stuff on here like the Snap SM-CS-ART2-L for that price (knowing what dealers pay but I wont put it out there and your much higher than cost) then you arent going to get many bite. Plus knocking only $200 off a matrix and saying "I would sell this way cheaper than what I paid" more than likely wont sell it either. Just my opinion.
  5. Almost there, cut that in half again and you might get some takers.....
  6. Yea man, unfortunately your looking at about $100 tops for the entire rack. A component switch, HC300 and 500 are pretty much junk, the Blu-Ray players are the most valuable thing on that rack and they are worth about $50 for both!
  7. Bump new prices before it hits fleabay
  8. (2) Control4 HC-200-E-B - $20 each (1) Control4 HC-300-C-E-B - $20 (2) SR-250 Remotes $100 each (1) Card Access Security Sensor Bridge $75 (4) Control4 LOZ-5D1-W Outlet Dimmers - SOLD (6) Control4 Dim-1z-x Dimmers. All have ivory buttons. All used but work. No faceplates. - SOLD (2) Control4 KP2-Z-N 2 button keypads (no buttons, no face, used but work) - SOLD
  9. Clearing out the basement again. I have 8 of these. Never opened or installed. $75 each ($150 new) or if you want all 8 I will sell them all for $400 Liberty AV part DL-HDCAT-WP-R https://secure.libertycable.com/product_details.php?pitem=DL-HDCAT-WP-R *NOTE- You will still need the DL-HDCAT-S or similar transmitter.
  10. There is a difference between "passionate" and just outright being a constant jerk. I do understand how hard it is to stop being a dick all the time and thinking you are right as I used to live that way. Changed the way I live and life is so much better. You are constantly here acting like C4 has wronged you personally. If they (or any of us) had the means to make C4 work the way WAPPINGHIGH wants it we would have done that just to get you to pipe down BUT I also assume that even if it was made to be perfect for you then you would complain about something else. A friend broke it down to me like this and it sounds perfect in your case. "A guy like you can win $1,000,000 and complain that it wasnt $1,250,000." Enjoy.
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