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  1. Looking to dump my fusion duet. Wish I had a need for it but really don’t. Been in my rack. Easy way to provide two additional analog airplay streams to a system. Looking to get 250 for it.
  2. I have a 1000es using the C4 driver. Rock solid. Never had a problem for the 2 years I’ve been using it
  3. I’m a big fan of the Kanex pro. Simple. Cheap. Reliable. Use them in my own home and have worked out perfect.
  4. I doubt tBruno checks this anymore. I bought almost of his stuff from him
  5. It’s still there. Don’t search “neeo” search for “remote” I doubt an existing neeo remote would have the connectivity capability but it’s worth a shot. Maybe that’s what the hub is for
  6. Neeo remote appears in composer express. Not in composer though. So it’s coming.
  7. Not in warranty that I know of. Worked perfect when I removed it. Had it in my rack for year and half. Went with an Altona 16x16. I got a deal on it when I picked it. Not looking to make money on it, just find a good home for it.
  8. Willing to take 2000 for the unit, includes 6 LU1E, not 5.
  9. I’ve got a perfectly functioning LU1082 non D version that I want to unload. Works perfectly. Pulled from my own rack. Used it for the past year and half without issues. Went in a different direction as far as video distribution. I needed more outputs, otherwise I loved it. Comes with 5 LU1E. I’d like to get 2500 for it. Let me know. It’s ready to ship.
  10. Yes. 8 hdmi in and out, and Ethernet jack.
  11. I might have an 8x8 binary b-100 coming available this week. Great shape. Lightly used. Currently in a C4 system utilizing ip control flawlessly.
  12. Not mine. But I did put the 250 into a corner that i built a small enclosure with sheet rock in case that situation did arise i was gona run 18/2 but because of the distance and the possibility of a tv over the fireplace in the future, I wanted to future proof it a little
  13. I ran a cat6 line to the fireplace enclosure, to power an extra HC250 I had, and used the relay on the 250 to activate the switch. Works perfectly. And if I ever decide to add any additional automaton to the immediate area I have the controller handy to utilize.
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