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Light taps stopped working


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So with a new dog in the house, I was looking for a quick way at night to turn on some hall/outside lights and turn off the alarm for over night bathroom breaks/walks for the dog.


I used the master bedroom dimmer (new model) and programmed the bottom button as a triple tap - triple tap turns on some lights and turns off the alarm.  double tap turns alarm back on and lights off (and locks doors) so we can go back to bed.  Everything worked great for 2-3 days.  Was one of my first programming attempts on my own and I was proud!


I tried to get fancy and add some If statements to only allow these double/triple taps to work at certain times, it went haywire, so I wanted to go back to the start.  I got rid of the If time conditionals and  Double tap works fine, but triple tap does not work correctly.  For triple tap, I have to triple tap it once, then the lights go on.  Triple tap a 2nd time, and then alarm will go off.  I want it obviously to all trigger at once.


Both screen shots are below; what am I missing?  I tried several different ways, but if you look at double v triple tap, they pretty much mirror each other.  I tried to tie the alarm off into variable, into the state of the alarm, into the LED color of the keypad (when alarmed its red LED).  nothing is working.



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I'd remove the IF statement on the alarm off macro, unless the macro isn't discreet - but is should be.

Try to triiger the macro through Composer with the alarm on and see if that works flawlessly. If not you may have to post the Macro (but do replace any code ners you have in there of course!!!!)

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I am not sure what I did but I just reprogrammed the macro, and I think its now working.  I'll give it 24-48 hours to use it a few times.  In the end, I can always get rid of the macro and just put in my alarm code, but I prefer to use that macro so if I need to change my alarm in the future I can change the code in 1 place vs hunting through the program to find places I used the alarm code


In general - my statements make sense, nested properly, etc?  


If I wanted to only allow these actions from 9pm - 9am, would I put that ? conditional on top of them all and nest them all under?

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