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C4-DIM1-Z Dimmers White

Mark LaBelle

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O.k..  the dimmers are back.  Had someone not want a bunch after all.  I have 34 left.


Same deal goes - $50.00 per C4-DIM1-Z in White and $7 shipping.  For multiples, I'll let you know what the shipping is based on quantity.






**ALL DIMMERS ARE SOLD - I do have 2-button keypads left in white - model C4-KP2-Z***

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UPDATE:  ALL dimmer/2 buttons are shipped!    You should have received a tracking # by now or any moment.  Thanks for your patience everyone.  Getting them all packaged up and tested were more than I imagined. 


Enjoy the great deal!


Now to finish installing all of mine..... 

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