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Sonos - Certain Services Missing in C4 Environment


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I am on 2.6 with the 8.0 EV Sonos Driver.


Pandora, SiriusXM, Rdio,  Spotify and Soundcloud appear on both my C4 interface as well as my Sonos app


Yet my Sonos app has other services like 8tracks, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Slacker and Songza that are not on the C4 interface.


Is there a way to re-sync the two or are only certain services available via C4/EV Driver?

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Well, to have the separate service clouds appear, a driver needs to be added for the ones you want. While there are a few 'services' you don't see, I think the only ones that are that way are those that Sonos itself doesn't use in it's own (mobile) app either, ie Audible which shows up under the "music library" portion instead.

Specifically, every one you mentioned has a media sedrvice driver available.

You'd have to ask a dealer to just add the driver for it.


PS Don't forget that there are drivers for such things as "Favorites", "playslists". "Music Library" and "Line In" as well.

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