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Some basic input would be much appreciated for a novice user.


1. Is there "blink" option for LED's. Currently I'm using red LED to show action is on a timer so my wife and I know one of our teenage kids didn't just leave light on and we know it will go off. We use red for other uses as well. Guess I can always find some odd color, but, would be great to have LED blink similar to a dimmer switch on say 5 second ramp. Could always set a timer and go on/off for same period of time... is this best practice?


2. Can someone explain LED properties in monitoring section (Keypad Managed vs Follow Bound Color). Find myself "over-writing" these through forcing LED to provide standard color theme we want in our house. Thinking I may not understand how this works. Bound color is pretty intuitive, but, still get confusing on 3 and 6 button panels.


3. I have 3 way application (runs 6 cans). One is dimmer and other is run through 3-button. Is it possible to dim from the 3 button switch. Currently, I can only dim lights from actual dimmer on one leg of the 3-way. Is there a 3-button panel that has dimmer functionality?



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For your question 3 yes its possible to dim via a 3 buttons switch . Its the same programing than a volume up and down on a 3 buttons. I dont remember the setup but its not this complicated. He will dim the ligths per value so i recommend you to set up the value per 10 or 5 because 1 by 1 its gonna take you all night to dim .

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Better way, but requiring ComposerPro, is to have the toggle button from the dimmer bound to the 3-button. This gives full single button up/down rampling


1- you'd have to use a timer and program, no built in function



BOUND = it follows the LED scheme of the bound lighting device (or advanced lighting scene). It follows the TOP LED.

KEYPAD = the keypad manages the colors - so it will revert to the set press/release colors

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Thanks Louisraza1 - I got to ramp through same as volume - 


Cyknight - really like idea of binding. Next time I have my dealer do anything, I'll add this to quick list of items as I don't have pro.


As for blinking, I just used on/off through timer within a timer. Not real efficient, but, it works. That is, the LED blinks on/off for a given delay (3 mins) that the lights are on.

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