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iOS App Automatic Room Select

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Currently the app allows one to set it to open to a default room or the last room viewed.

It would be really nice to have the option to open (or switch) to the current room the iOS or Android device is located in.

Although I am no network or wifi engineer, I would think there is some way to add a C4 newtwork (not zigbee) device to each room that by wifi signal strength or some other method would tell my iOS device which room I am in.

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+1 for this request to have the Control4 iOS App support iBeacons


I bought a Geohopper iBeacon from Amazon for $30 and integrated it with Control4 using the HTTP Driver to turn on/off lights.  It can trigger a web service/URL in C4 when leaving/entering a room (or any GPS location).  The "Home Remote" app (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/home-remote-home-automation/id926193671?mt=8) also supports beacons and can trigger a URL.


It depends on bluetooth and doesn't seem predictable/reliable with only one iBeacon (randomly entering/leaving the room), but they say it is more reliable with a iBeacon per room.  


Has anyone else had better luck?


Some other apps already have support for iBeacons that can switch the room to the closest iBeacon (see the thread here http://www.roomieremote.com/forums/topic/ibeacons/).


For now I'll just stick with motion detectors, but it will be nice when the Connect4 App supports iBeacons directly.  We will start to see a lot more of this as IOT continues to take off.

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