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Sorting and Grouping scheduled events in Home Composer???


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Hello all.


Over the years, I have been slowly adding things to Scheduler and it is very awkward to have to scroll through this huge list in order to make changes to my scheduled events since similar events are no longer right next to each other. Is there any way to sort the schedule list alphabetically by name? Or can the events be sorted manually? It seems like the format is just an excel spreadsheet and we should be able to at least drag the lines up and down so we can keep them with like events.




Also...is there any way to "group" scheduled events?


For instance, I have multiple schedules set up for different zones of my landscape irrigation system. It is so frustrating to have to go to each entry (on and off) when I need to alter the days/times for the sprinklers. It would be so nice if i could make a group called "sprinklers" and then just have to change the start and end times for ALL of them at once.



Thanks in advance for any guidance...

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