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  1. I was trying to control 2 roll up doors on the outside of my home. I wanted them to both go up and down at the same time. I figured out how to do it using the programming tab and telling the one door to open or close when the other one does. It's working now. Thank you.
  2. Hello all, Trying to figure this out but can't so far. Thank you in advance. Under "connections" can two different devices be bound to one button on a 6 button panel? When Ii drag the second one to the desired button, it removes the first one. Thanks
  3. Yes, advanced lighting. Composer 2.10.5
  4. Have done that numerous times. So frustrating. But thank you
  5. For some reason, I am having issues with my lighting scenes working. I am able to initiate them from inside of composer, but they will not work from my touch screens or my iOS devices. So I have to list each command under the programming for a particular button on my 6 button switches. I can't seem to figure out why my lighting scenes won't work any more. I used to love to be able to just toggle them on and off from my phone.
  6. So is there a fast way to program it to turn off the the stuff in the ENTIRE room (all lights, etc) without having to put in a command for each light/fan/etc to turn off?
  7. Hi guys. I created a few lighting scenes, and they work fine when activated from within composer, but they won't activate from my iPhone or touch panels. Kinda weird to me. Any ideas?
  8. OK. I will take a deep breath and give it a try. Thanks again!
  9. oh ok. Thank you. I will try to check that out without breaking anything else.
  10. Ah, thank you. I have Composer, so should I be able to do that in there? Any idea where it would be? Thank you
  11. Hello all. My dealer just changed out all my cable boxes to Tivo. On the C4 remote, there is a button labeled "PREV" which used to bring you back to the last channel you were on. Is there some way to enable this button for Tivo? Thanks in advance.
  12. Thank you for the reply. I just want to pick up the remote and hit the button rather than having to scroll through lists.
  13. Hi all, I am trying to program the * and # keys on the Control4 remote to turn on my denon receiver and play a certain station in Pandora. I have figured out how to get it to go to the Pandora station, but not sure how to get it to turn on the Denon and make sure the right zone/input is selected, and set the volume. Does that make any sense? Is this at all possible? Thank you all...
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