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C4 Amp Settings for Music Bridge (No Sound from Speakers)


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I have a Control 4 Multi-Channel Amplifier. Can anyone tell me what the settings should be?


Here's the problem:

I had a cable outage and my system would not come back up. I unplugged the HC-800 Controller for 20 seconds and the touchscreens are now working again and all features seem to be working properly, except the music bridge.


When I try to stream music from my ipad (and select Wireless Music Bridge from my airplay options), it looks like it's playing on the app, but no sound is coming through. It's as though some "master" speaker control is not on but I can't find this setting.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! 


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sounds like a lot of networking is needed to be done on your system. as long as the router and lan stay functional your c4 system should not be impacted. Likely the amplifier and other devices have not reconnected to director.

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