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Adding a 2nd HTC for IR control in a different room


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I have a 2nd (spare) HTC lying around and was going to set it up to control IR devices in a different room than my primary.

How does one go about configuring this so as not to confuse the heck out of the C4 system? I.e. "turn zigbee server off one one" or "set the 'slave' mode in composer" or "...."? (I just made those things in quotes up).


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By default, any "controller" added after the main controller becomes a slave...Also, the zigbee server will automatically bee disabled on the slave. Just make the bindings in composer on the new htc ir ports and it will do the rest...So basically just add it and make the connections in composer and the logic will take care of the rest. Let me know if this isn't clear enough.


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If you have a cat5 network, you really dont need another HTC if it's just to control IR. Global Cache make a very small device called the GC-100-## (Where ## is it's size in inches). It connects to control4 seamlessly, is much smaller and cheaper than an HC300 (We mounted one on the back of a TV). They have RS-232 ports and several IRs.


(Just noticed that your post says you have a spare one already, but I will leave this here in case anyone else is thinking about doing it.):lol:

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I am having a thrombosis trying to work out the best solution for my prob. Please please help.

I have 6 rooms that require HD feeds. I want to use Cat5e to carry RGB,audio and IR so that I can control the TV using an IR feed from the HC300. Although I know I can use baluns for the RGB what do I do about the audio and IR. The TV runs are about 20 yards from the services cupboard. I need some some wallplates that have the required outputs to send the cables to.

Please could someone advise me on a AV matrix, wallplates and how to wire the Cat5e to carry the AV and also power the IR?

This could be the last few pieces in my jigsaw.

I owe you a beer.

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take a look at the audio authority avatrix. It's a great av matrix switch and already has a driver as well.

also, get the ir injector and this will take care of all your needs, i think it is model 1190.

downside is that it only can have 6 inputs but can go to 36 outputs.

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Hi lippavisual - thank you for coming back so quickly - I have had a look at that kit and thought it was just what I needed, but am I right in saying the wall plates contain receivers and not emitters? Don't the wallplates expect to receive IR commands rather than send them?

I need to be able to control the TVs from the HC300 by sending TV IR commands down through the wallplates.

I really hope I can do it some way with this kit as it looks to have all the other boxes checked.

Any ideas?

Haa! I am looking at the IR Injector (1109) that you mentioned - it does what I want!!!

Lippavisual, if you were a woman you could have my babies!!!

I am going to go to bed and be able to sleep tonight. Amazing how this stuff gets to you eh?

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