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NAS Movie Library Question


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I recently purchased Composer HE in hopes of managing my media library, but realized pretty quickly that I don't have any sources of media available in the Media tab.  Below are my specs and what I'm hoping to do. 


I have:


NAS Storage (Linked network location on by my HTPC and my desktop PC)

Network Recievers x2 (Denon X2100W)

HTPC (with movies listed in Movie Library, but sourced from NAS) - Currently Basic IP Control

PLEX (running on Desktop PC) - Not integrated

FireTV - Pending install of IP drivers


Right now none of the items above show up in the "Media" tab of composer HE. I'm hoping to make the movies that are ultimately stored on the NAS (with meta data) show up on my app and remotes, and when selected I'd like for them to launch through my WMC HTPC.


To do this I think I would need:


1) For the NAS to be recognized in Composer HE (which it currently isn't)

2) For my media file metadata (xml files for both WMC and Plex) to be picked up in the "Movies" section of my remote

3) For the system to be smart enough to switch to my HTPC, and automatically start playback of the movie


Can somebody let me know if this is possible without buying a separate media player?  Playing the movies through the receiver also isn't possible since I use a matrix to split the video and several of the TVs do not receive output from the receiver. 




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The limitation is primarily in the 'players' you want to use - they and their drivers need to have the ability to receiver a call from the system to play a specific file in a specific location.

AFAIK the receivers, Fire and Plex (out of the box) will not do so (though Chowmain has a driver to do this).

The HTPC I do not know though I expect the driver at least will not.


From there you'd have to create a library within Control4 to do what you want.

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I was just reading up on Kodi Lite (XBMC) Driver for Control4, which I think is the file from Chowmain you are referencing.  I'm currently using WMC, but it sounds like I should be able to use Kodi with my Ceton InfiniTV DVR and live TV as well. If so that would be a pretty seamless switch.   


If I were to purchase that license and switch to Kodi, am I looking at much time on the programming side from my dealer? 


I assume I still need him to make the NAS known to the controller, as well as to switch my HTPC from the current IR driver to the Kodi IP driver.  Is there anything else required on the dealer side?


After the hardware and drivers are recognized, would I be able to use Composer HE to program the media bottoms to activate the PC and open the file location, or are those also dealer specific commands?



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