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Looking for a new integrator in Los Angeles (90068)

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My experience with the previous dealer was less than successful.

The system was not setup properly and eventually the dealer went out of business.

I tried contacting some Platinum Certified dealers, but getting answers takes ages and they seem overpriced.


I want to upgrade my current system:

install a front door video intercom, keypad locks, a touch panel, HC-800 controller, automated roller blinds and some other minor updates.


Can you guys recommend anybody in my area, who would be qualified, responsive and didn't try to convert me to Crestron?


What do you consider a reasonable hourly rate?

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I have been looking for a Control4 technician or integrator pretty much since the system was installed. At one point the local Magnolia (Best Buy) store were recommending a company although they never called back.


My entire system has stopped working a few times although has responded when reset - this time the devices are all 'Device Not Authenticated' although the website confirms the system is set to 'never expire' which is correct.


Any ideas ?

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