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So I have a C416S2-EB audio matrix that died last night (the matrix is paired with the C4 multi channel AMP 16AMP 3B). I have 10 sources and 12 zones and I need to do something about it immediately. I am thinking it's the power supply.... regardless, I have few questions;

1. Does or has anyone every replaced the power supply in the C416S2-EB audio matrix? If so, where and what is the part to get?

2. Is the C416S2-EB audio matrix still in production or has it been "sunset" and replaced with something else at Control 4?

3. What would you do?



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One last question, does the C4-16ZAMSv3-B give you the ability to fine tune audio i.e. bass &  treble. In the photos I see, it looks like the control screen on the front was removed.

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