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Sure Action Driveway sensor


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  I installed a Sure Action SU-WP5BDE Wireless driveway sensor at my house.  It has an incoming and outgoing sensor.  How would I program the contact sensor? If I run over the incoming then the outgoing the alert plays, if I run over the outgoing then the incoming the alert plays. I have it set up to play only on the incoming.  I considered variables, but there is no way to tell composer which sensor gets ran over first, so it does me little good.  Any thoughts? Should I just remove the outgoing sensor all together?  But then the alert will play still on entering and leaving.  I need some ideas!!  Thank you!!

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you could do a timer set to like 10 seconds that resets a variable.


this variable could be used to trigger stop programming.


i assume you have to contact sensors to program


each would go like this



Is variable true?


set variable to True

Do Programming for incoming or out going 

Start Timer

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