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  1. Anyone have a fix for this yet? I am on v15 and keeps unlinking.
  2. So for shits and giggles I installed one of my Zigbee to IR modules to the driver. Works flawlessly. So that tells me that I have an issue with my EA1 not emmiting the signal. Has anyone else had issues with a EA1 doing IR?
  3. All, I found this driver online and I am looking to implement into my system using this HDMI Switch. I can add the driver, but after I make all connections including IR, and go to use the driver, nothing happens. I cannot get the IR Signal to be sent from the EA1 at my Living Room in my system to the HDMI Switch. I have an EA3 controlling the system in a different room and the EA3 and EA1 are connected via CAT6. Anyone have any thoughts? MonoPrice AVSwitch Driver is one I found online and the Monoprice HDX-401E is one that I created using the IR codes i found online. Neither sends an IR signal as I visually cannot see the bud emitting a signal and no inputs are changing. I have also attached the text file with the codes as well. Any help would be appreciated. Monoprice HDX-401E IR Codes.txt avswitch_Monoprice_HDX-401E.c4i avswitch_MonoPrice_AVSwitch.c4i
  4. The De-humidifier is basically just a heat stick to warm the air up. That is the part that I dont like and why I wanted it to turn on and off based on the humidity range with an outlet switch. I didnt want it running if it didnt need to be. Its not humid all year where I live. Just the summer months. Thanks for the tips!
  5. All, I am looking for a humidity sensor that I can put in my gun safe and based on the humidity, turn on or off the de-humidifier. Thoughts?
  6. I got this solved. Thanks. I tweaked the fully customized section of this for all lights and now its working great.
  7. All, I have an Adaptive Dimmer and 2 keypad dimmers out of the entire house that that will not accept my backlight and status light settings. When the room turns or gets Bright the settings take hold but when the lights are powered off or room goes dim, the status lights and backlights lights all go really dim and change color. I have my settings in Composer set up the same as the other rooms that work. One Keypad Dimmer and one Adaptive Dimmer are in the same room and the last keypad dimmer is linked to a configurable keypad. That configurable keypad works just fine for the backlight and status lights. Running latest 3.1.1. I even downloaded the LED wizard and that didn't work at all on the lights. Thoughts?
  8. They are BD50 format. Its a 1 to 1 copy into the folder structure of the blu ray.
  9. I have all of my movies on a server in folders. They are full blu ray rips. How can I get them to show up in the native C4 My Movies? I can search for the file extension but those are all the streams. I need to have the movie titles from the folders they are in. I have always used the extra veg My Movies from back in the day and I have now moved to a new place on 3.0 and I am looking to use the native tools if possible. I suppose I can always go back to that old My Movies if this cannot be done.
  10. Can you program the wake up agent to only activate for that day when a light level changes in that room? I want it so that when I hit a light after 8:30 the agent becomes active and will go off in the morning at the set time, and if it doesnt change, the agent does not active?
  11. Interesting, never considered that. The Smart Thermostat or the lite? Thanks for the tip.
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