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  1. It was a $50 box that I didnt have an issue taking a leap of faith on. I was hoping that it would work just fine with the Popcorn Hour driver that I already had. Thanks Alan, I will look in to these other solutions that you listed out. I was hoping that the device would play my blu ray files that I have on my server, and it doesnt even look like it will do that. I have 1 of the old Popbox's and those work great, just aging and doesnt perform the best any more. My hope was to replace it with this new Rockbox. On that note, does anyone have a good solution for playing my blu ray files from my server? I dont need a A500 from Popcorn hour in my bedroom for these files. i have always been a Popcorn Hour guy, but I am open to a change.
  2. I have (2) HC200's and (2) HC200B's for sale. Shoot me an offer if interested.
  3. I purchased a new Rockbox from cloud media assuming that the Popcorn hour driver would still work for it. After getting it installed, I see that isnt the case. Has one bought one of these and tried to get it into your system? I am on 2.10. Is there a driver that someone knows about to add this to my system?
  4. Bump. everything is now on a HC800 and I still dont have the images of new movies. All older movies are showing their images. I am on 2.9.1
  5. And how do you do that? Hold the link button down correct?
  6. One of them I dont. I had it at one time set up on wireless. I cannot factory reset it at all, or have it be picked up on the wireless or the wired connection. The unit in question is model number:C4-HC200B-E-B. I cannot get this unit to factory restore either.
  7. I have an HC200A and B that wont be recognized by the director. Both boot up just fine, but I cannot see them via composer or the director. I have used the USB restore tool and have had no luck. Any thoughts? Everything is wired connections.
  8. Any new movie that I have added to the system, if its through the BDP7000 or the popcorn hour, does not have a movie image loaded, through Control4. All of the info is in My Movies, and initially, when I scan a new movie into C4, through the media tab for the BDP7000, the picture is there, and then it goes away. I am at 100MB on my cover art, is that the issue? All that C4 shows in the movie tab, is the title and no movie. All of my titles from about a month or so, have the images included in C4. Thoughts?
  9. What do you want Control4 to see? Media files i assume?
  10. How are people getting around the warning every time you fire up an app on the Fire TV, that tells me that I do not have my remote paired?
  11. The agent is and has been in the project. I just moved this new project from my old house and moved it into my new apartment. I just removed any of the things that I do not have in the current house. The agent is in the project, and I have modified the agent to do what I need it to do in this new project.
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