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Help with notifications please


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Hi all,

I have programmed many notification events such as, if Yale lock code 1234 is entered send me a text. Or if HC 800 reboots send me a message. My problem is I forgot how to do this. It's been a while.

I just had 3 remote garage door openers installed. I want a notification at 12:05am if any of them are open. I know under agents I can put a notification BUT where do I Program the variable and how SPECIFICALLY? Please help. Getting older sucks. Lol.

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That's not a variable - that's just the info in the message.


What you're asking is programming.


Schedule - event 12:05 AM


When schedule 'check' is executed

IF garage door is open {this would just be under the actually integrated garage door/sensor}

-send notification


If you happen to be using a MyQ, you should still have a garage door generic driver added which is then tied to the MyQ driver.

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