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Wiring smoke detectors into C4


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Since your technically not allowed to wire "wired" smokes directly into a alarm control panel would there be another good way via c4?

I have 8 brand new Kiddie i4618 detectors and a SM120x module. What could I tie the 120x into?



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Using an approved smoke relay is the only good way with wired smokes.


You should be able to wire the output of that module into any number of Control4 contact input devices, like a Control4 controller, a Contact-Relay extender (now discontinued, but still work fine), or an IO Extender.


A previous thread on this same topic from earlier this year: http://www.c4forums.com/topic/16564-integrating-smoke-alarms/


Keep in mind, though, the wiring suggested in that thread was for a different manufacturer / model relay, but the concepts should hold the same.


Good luck with your project.



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