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Wyrestorm HDBaseT Video Distribution System (non-4k)


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I recently moved and no longer have a need for my HDBaseT video distribution system. The system includes:


1 Wyrestorm MX-0404-PP HDBaseT matrix (4 x 4)

3 Wyrestorm RX-70-PP receivers


The system supports the delivery of HD video to each receiver over a single Cat 5/6 connection. I used Cat5 at my old house for long runs and had no issues. The receivers support the ability to receive remote control signals and transmit the signals back to the matrix for control of source equipment.


One of the receivers includes a power supply with interchangable power connectors and IR cables.

Another of the receivers includes a normal power supply and IR cables.

The last of the receivers includes a normal power supply only.


The matrix unit has the rack ears.


Please PM me with any offers if interested. As I am still unpacking and fixing up the new house, please excuse any delayed responses.

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I've got no idea how to price the Wyrestorm items. I can't find the same items actually sold on Ebay. At this point I just want them out of my house, so if you're interested please PM me an offer.

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Silly bump but I have the 8x8 version of this in my project and it works great!



That's good to hear. I'm waiting for the 4x4 to ship!   I did have a question though. I want to send serial over the line to my samsung TVs using the matrix switch.  I can see the serial connections on the receiver units but I only see one serial port on the matrix. How do you connect a c4 controller serial signal to the matrix and pass it to the correct display? 

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i dont user serial control I only use the IR control. one note the first revision of the LAN boards would "fall asleep" after about 45 minutes and the IP driver would not be able to control it. There was a work-around to use the SERIAL control -> HC800 or order an update LAN board, which I did because I wanted IP control. not sure if it affects the 4x4.

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