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Zigbee motion sensors or hardwire?


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Hi all


I have one last opportunity to add cables under floorboards before permanent flooring goes down


I want to add motion sensors across the house (approx 18 units) to primarily control lighting but then also do other funky stuff.


I was going to hardwire everything, but given that was still going to cause some major agro, it got me thinking about zigbee options.  I have checked online and it looks like Card Access and NYCE both do units.


Anyone used either of these?  any brand you'd recommend, or even other brands?


Or should I go hardwired?  



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I have both in my house (wireless and wired) and I can say the hardwired over time tend to be more reliable.  A little more headache to start, but then you don't have to worry about batteries going out or a wireless motion sensor going into sleep mode and not catching movement at the time you want.  Both work perfectly fine the vast majority of the time, I just have a couple of iffy moments from time to time with the wireless ones. 

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