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Change Motion Sensing Delay with Custom Button


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I have a few motion sensors throughout the home that primarily turns off the room/lights based on time. I am looking for a way to allow an occupant to set the custom delay of the motion sensor. I was attempting to use a Variable (String) that stored a number and a Custom Button that would apply that string to Motion Sensor Custom delay. However that attempt failed as I was unable to determine a method to write the string to the Motion Sensor.


Does anyone have any ideas for accomplishing this.

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What motion? What do you mean by

Motion Sensor Custom delay



If you mean 'occupancy hold time' then that's not settable on generic (security) motions, on something like the Axxess units it can only be set to specified numbers (which you can easily program for).


If you're using timers now - you CAN do it this way - but one would generally set a number using the number variable - not  a string variable

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