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Run a macro from a source


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New to Control4, Seems like this should be a relatively easy option but i can't seem to figure it out. What I want to know is how do I preform a macro when a certain device is selected. IE, When UHF/Antenna is the selected source i want MACRO xxxx to run. I cant seem to get the antenna to operate as an actual "source".  OR with the new 2.8 upgrade, when Pandora/Airplay is the selected source i want my AVR to change to All Chan Stereo but only for that one source. Am i missing something on the start of the "Programming" tab in composer?

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Here is what i have and maybe thats where my problem lands.


Programming      Living Room/When Video source changes/  

Actions If - Current Selected Device = Airplay_ Emit code All Chan Stereo


I have tried the "Current Selected Device Changes "   the Execute command in the window does run it correctly so i believe my if statements are correct but not the starting part.

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