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generic IR matrix?


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I am looking to see if there is a driver for an IR matrix that I could edit to just change the IR codes?

I have a 3x8 component matrix with IR that I am trying to hook up for my sister in law. It is just a cheap chinese knockoff but it should get the trick done I just have no idea how to do a matrix IR driver.....

Any pointers on where to start would be huge. Thanks!

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Create new driver use the composer built in driver wizard and make an a/v switch driver. It really will just be a matter of following the steps if all you want is an IR driver for switching inputs/outputs.

I didn't know you could use the driver wizard to do a matrix, and have it function in side of C4 like a matrix (with just making connections and not having to use programming)

So that is awesome! They don't need it now that I found the CAV but I am think I am going to set this up anyways and see how it does. Curiosity now more than anything. 

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