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Navigator and Music Keypad Syncing?


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I am checking out my system with HE and I was trying to see how the navigator and the keypads interact.  My system is a 2.8 with a 250 an 800 as well as a music distribution amp.


It appears that if I push one of the keypad buttons (7 button c4 keypad) that it will control my navigator and it updates the navigator in terms of status and volume with no problem. If I start the system via navigator, the keypad does not do anything (will not control volume it appears).   Is this normal functionality or am I missing something in the programming?



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if you click on the keypad in monitoring it should tell you what each button is set to do. if it is set to programming or last button press you would have to look at programming to see what is programmed.


likely this is last button pressed as if you don't initiate the programming then it will not control properly.

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