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I bought a home with a Control4 system. I'm not interested in the technology but thought that someone might be able to put it to good use.

Control4 Multi Channel Amplifier

Control4 Home Controller HC-300

Netgear ProSafe VPN Firewall Model FVS318

Four Control4 Zigbee 10 Button LCD Keypads

Control 4 Thermostat

Sony 5-disc CD Changer

If interested, let me know and we can discuss a price. The system is currently fully operational in my house.

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Just my 2 cents... For what it's worth.

The only things on that list worth any money are the amp and the t-stay. Everything else is like asking someone if they want to buy an iPhone version 1! Yes it was great when it came out, but technology is moving fast. It sucks that this is the way, but it is. On another hand, I think your likely misguided on giving up on 8 zones of music in your house, because if you simply did the hc250 update for $599, you would get great access to music throughout the home, with easy control via your phone. Good luck with whatever you do.

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Hey I just bought the house with some equipment that I'll never use...don't have any background information on Control4 - but I appreciate the heads up that I have a heap of useless crap. Thought someone might be able to use atleast the amplifier. It can sit in a room and get older and older, won't bother me

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Only here to sell equipment (C4 has a very limited market), and try to avoid Ebay if at all possible.  Would appreciate serious inquiries only.  If you need more information on model numbers, pictures, etc I would be happy to supply those.....

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